Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate programmes offer you an interesting and varied learning experience. We give you the chance to go on internships, exchange programmes, industry site visits, language immersion programmes, and do voluntary work etc. All our programmes are part of the Discovery Enriched Curriculum. The introduction of the Double Major also provides you with more flexible learning paths. You gain in-depth knowledge through your major study, plus options to take complementary minors or electives. The ability to communicate effectively is a priority in all of our programmes. You will typically work in interactive settings practising presentations and group projects. Our programmes are full of up-to-date, relevant, often case-based content. Finally, we understand that support is important. We will put you in touch with academic advising and student mentoring schemes, and you can also talk to the University’s Student Development Services.

Postgraduate Programmes

Our wide range of postgraduate programmes offer you flexible routes to suit your particular learning needs. In postgraduate study the emphasis is often on experiential learning. You will develop a global perspective, perhaps through workshops at home or overseas, and gain consultancy experience on corporate issues through residential trips. Much of our work is group based, and the ability to communicate effectively is a priority in all of our programmes. You will have the chance to work through fascinating interactive case studies, and be encouraged to improve your problem-solving skills with innovative courses and workshops. In research-based programmes, you will receive research methodology training, and with the support of a mentor, develop a structured programme of study, and create and test your own knowledge. Finally, you will have the chance to disseminate the results of your research for the benefit of others.