Internship Programme

About the Programme

Internship programme has been well-established under the Department of Accountancy for more than a decade.  It provides AC students with exclusive learning platforms in accounting industry and develops systematised pathways to their future professional careers.

Each year, we have an average of about 70% of our penultimate year students successfully completed professional attachment in major accounting firms, reputable commercial organizations or government bodies.  Our programme provides internship opportunities in Hong Kong.

Under AC Internship programme, we aim to immerse undergraduate students in professional settings for a period of typically 1- 4 months in the Fall semester (from September to December), 1- 5 months in the Spring semester (from January to May) or 1- 3 months in the Summer semester (from June to August). Actual length of internship varies by different employers.

Please click [ here ] for a list of internships partners.

Participating students will be enrolled in a credit-bearing course "AC 4383 - AC Professional Internship and Professional Attachment" and are required to carry out audit and tax related professional services offered by their respective employers throughout the internship. Areas of work include performing audit and tax assignments of listed companies, privately owned enterprises and non-profit organizations in various industries.

To facilitate student learning, the Programme requires students to undertake pre-internship training workshop, post-internship sharing session and submission of reflective journals. Employer evaluation and feedback will be included as part of programme assessments.