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Students admitted to bachelor’s degrees with a home major are eligible to apply to declare a Second Major in accordance with the specified application periods and within the stipulated study periods. Important information on eligibility, key dates and the processes involved is available on the "Declaring a Second Major" website. Attainment of a minimum CGPA does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants may be invited to attend an interview. Students who decide to declare a Second Major should account for the maximum credit limit; the study load; their own capability; the study period; the self-financing required for any extra credits; and the internships, exchanges and extra-curricular activities involved.

Why should you choose Accountancy as one of your double majors?

What will the Department of Accountancy bring you?


Popular double major combinations within the BBA Accountancy

Accountancy and Finance  [ Catalogue Term: Semester A 2021/22 ]

Accountancy and Information Management (Information Systems Auditing Stream)  [ Catalogue Term: Semester A 2021/22 ]

Accountancy as a Second Major

On top of the Major requirement of Accountancy, students should check whether the Major courses have prerequisites. Students must satisfy such prerequisites before enrolling in the courses. For example, students must pass CB2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting (College core) before enrolling in AC3202 Corporate Accounting I.

Students who would like to apply for Accountancy as a Second Major are strongly advised to consult the Major Leader before submitting an application. Information on the Major Leader can be found under Enquiries.



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