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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Major in Accountancy (4-year Programme)

What are the differences between the three streams of study? answer
The details on the three streams of study can be found on the BBA Accountancy page under “What You Will Be Studying”. The PA stream provides specialized knowledge and training to students on topics such as contemporary issues in accounting and accounting and taxation systems in the Chinese mainland. These topics aim to better equip students with practical and professional knowledge that will benefit them after graduation. Students in the PALS stream who wish to pursue more in-depth knowledge in Law are strongly recommended to take the following courses, namely LW2600 (Legal Research and Writing), LW2602B (Law of Contract II), LW2603B (Law of Tort II), LW3605B (Administrative Law) and LW3666 (Legal Research and Writing I) as free electives. The PAISA stream prepares students for the CISA examination and for an advisory role in developing accounting information systems. hide
If I choose the BBA Accountancy PA stream, how many electives can I study? answer
As PA stream requirements, only one course (three credit units) must be selected from a list of AC electives. In consideration of the graduation requirement (minimum 120 credits), students are free to choose another 6 courses (18 credit units) in their areas of interest. However, students may also choose from the list of AC electives. Details may be found in the Undergraduate Catalogue. hide
Can I declare a Minor if I choose the BBA Accountancy PA stream? answer
Yes. On top of receiving focused and comprehensive professional accounting training through BBA Accountancy (PA stream), students can declare a Minor in a preferred discipline such as Law, Information Management, Finance or Psychology. The maximum credit units permitted is 144 credits. Prior approval from both the Home and Minor-offering Departments is required. Students are advised to check the "Declaration of Minors" and "Minor Requirement" websites for details. hide

2. Declaring Accountancy as a Second Major

What should I do if I want to declare Accountancy as my Second Major? answer
Check the "Declaring a Second Major" website for details on the eligibility requirement, key dates, processes and other notable points. hide
What are the criteria for approval of Accountancy as a Second Major? answer
Approval is based on the student's cumulative GPA and interview performance. Attainment of a minimum CGPA does not guarantee acceptance. It is expected that approved students exhibit good academic performance in both their Home and Second Majors. hide
If I have declared Accountancy as my Second Major, can I join the activities organized by the Department of Accountancy? answer
In view of limited resources, priority will be given to our students who have Accountancy as a Home Major. As the internship is a credit-bearing course, it is restricted to students with Accountancy as a Home Major. hide

3. Course Registration

I am a BBA Accountancy student. Do I need to make adjustments to my pre-registration schedule? answer
Prior to the start of each semester, some courses will be pre-registered in the student’s schedule (i.e., see Pre-registration). Your pre-registration schedule may not be appropriate for your circumstances. For example, if you would like to take an internship in the recommended internship period (i.e., year 3 in a 4-year program), you may want to enroll in other relevant courses earlier, subject to your fulfillment of the course pre-requisites. If you plan to go on exchange, you may put off certain general knowledge courses until you are on exchange. Some courses will be offered in both semesters A and B, and others may be offered once a year. Some advanced subjects have pre-requisites that must be fulfilled prior to enrolment. Therefore, it is best to plan ahead when you want to make changes to your pre-registration schedule. Some courses such as electives will not be pre-registered for you. You will have to add such courses on your own. hide
What should I consider adding/dropping? answer
Some courses will be offered in both semesters A and B, and others may be offered once a year. Some advanced subjects require the fulfillment of pre-requisites. You should work out a study plan to make sure that you meet the curriculum/award requirements. hide
I am a BBA Accountancy student. What should I do if I want to exceed my maximum study load for the semester? answer
If you need to exceed your maximum study load due to exceptional circumstances, you can print the Exceed Maximum Study Load Application Form under the "Course Registration" menu in AIMS to indicate the reason for the application and the number of credit units to be added. The following documents must be forwarded to the Department of Accountancy for approval.


  • The completed application form (with your updated contact phone number)
  • Your latest grade display/transcript
  • Your Study Plan


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