Centre for Applied Knowledge and Innovation Management Research

Our focus in Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) research is on the management of knowledge and innovation for the purpose of enhancing business decision-making and organizational competitiveness, particularly in the Asian context.

We take an interdisciplinary applied research approach driven by specific KIM problems that businesses and organizations are facing nowadays, drawing researchers from across the disciplines of information systems, management, management sciences, marketing and economics. Examples of specific problem areas researchers in this domain address include (among others):

  • knowledge-based logistics and transportation management;
  • knowledge/information systems design, adoption and security;
  • product innovation management and strategy;
  • cognitive economics;
  • impact of knowledge and innovation management;
  • and the human, economic, marketing and policy aspects of knowledge and innovation.

Although our KIM research has an Asian focus, rapidly increasing economic globalization and technological connectivity has made it imperative that we bear a global perspective in mind when addressing research issues. For example, our research in this area often involves a cross-cultural dimension.