CB @ CityU Discovery Festival

The 2014 CityU Discovery Festival, hosted by the Office of the Provost, took place in late February. Acting as a showcase for our students' achievements in discovery and innovation as part of the Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC), the annual exhibition is now a major CityU event. This year the festival ran for three weeks, and provided a platform for teachers and students to share their experiences with their peers and the public.

The festival featured a variety of events, including exhibitions and fairs to showcase DEC outcomes, competitions, student performances, talks, as well as a series of information sessions on major and minor options available to students.

Three awards were presented to the winning teams of the My Own Discovery Contest. Members of one of the winning teams, BBA year 2 Accountancy students Yin-chi Chau and Wing-sum Hui, and BBA Economics and Finance year 2 student Siu-bing Lam, enthusiastically shared their concept. The project named Transfriendly, proposes to integrate a guiding device into the walking cane for the visually impaired. The user inputs a bus number and when the designated bus arrives, the device alerts the user by vibration or computerized voice.

Teammate Wing-sum Hui commented: "We hope that this device will encourage users to travel around, integrate into society, and also more generally to raise awareness towards the needs of the visually impaired."

The winning teams were awarded funding support for the registration of intellectual property, and institutional support on how to further advance their concept, as well as a $3,000 bookstore coupon.

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