Department of Accountancy
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Global Exchange

Overseas Student Exchange and Summer English Immersion Programme
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The Department of Accountancy strives to help develop students into well-rounded individuals with personal, interpersonal, cultural, and international learning and perspectives. This is why we advocate that our students actively participate in Go Global programs (overseas exchanges, internships, service learning, summer programs, learning abroad programs, and joint degrees.)

The Department offers a Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program in Accountancy with National Taiwan University (NTU). The joint program offers opportunities for full cultural immersion, giving students exposure to a culture different from their own. Whether studying at CityU or NTU, students are required to learn the latest professional rules and practices, and those from Hong Kong benefit from the learning methods used in another Chinese business community. The joint program has a four-year curriculum. In their first and fourth years, students study at CityU, whereas they take courses at NTU in their second and third years. Upon successful completion of study, students become graduates of both CityU and NTU and receive an award certificate from each university

The College of Business organizes regular semester and year-long exchange programs with over 150 prestigious institutions around the world. The College also offers a number of summer programs (more information is available from the College of Business).