Study Tours

The Department organises study tours that provide our students with the opportunity to learn about and immerse themselves in other cultural environments. These tours can be either credit bearing and non-credit-bearing. The former requires students to complete a course led by teaching staff at the partner university.


Selected credit-bearing study tour(s):

  • Europe DEC Study Tour
    (A study tour to study AC4308 Accounting Meets Culture - International Standard Setting Bodies and Cultural Insights from Europe)

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  • Guangzhou/Shanghai Chinese Accounting Study Tour
    (A study tour to Sun Yat-Sen University/Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to study AC3252 Accounting and Taxation Systems in the Chinese Mainland)

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  • Seoul Management Accounting Study Tour
    (A study tour to Seoul National University to study AC4321 Management Accounting)

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  • Taiwan Management Accounting Study Tour
    (A study tour to the National Taiwan University to study AC4321 Management Accounting/ AC5720 Management Accounting Issues in Multinational Enterprises)

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Selected non-credit-bearing study tour(s):

  • Singapore Pre-internship Study Tour
    (A 5-day tour to Singapore for our students to explore internship opportunities through meeting with partners in participating firms and personal appreciation of the social, economical, business and cultural environment of Singapore.)

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  • Cross-border Study Tour for Post-Secondary Financial Talent

(A 6-week tour (including 4-week of work attachment at financial institution) to Shanghai initiated by the Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB))