Department of Economics & Finance
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Recent activities

1. Conferences and Lectures

2. Publications
  • Cheung, Y.-W., and Fujii, E., “Exchange rate misalignment estimates-sources of differences”, International Journal of Finance and Economics, forthcoming.
  • Huang, Q., Jiang, F. , Lie, E. and Yang, K, “The role of investment banker directors in M&A”, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Kwan, Y.K., J. Dong and C. Leung “Stock price dynamics of China: A structural estimation approach,” Emerging Markets and Trade, forthcoming.
  • Kunieda, T., K. Okada and A. Shibata, “Finance and Inequality: How Does Globalization Change Their Relationship?”, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.
  • Luo, M., Chen, T., and Yan, I.K., 2013, “Price informativeness and institutional ownership: evidence from Japan”, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, pp. 1-25, forthcoming.
  • Preve, D. and Y. Tse, "Estimation of Time Varying Adjusted Probability of Informed Trading and Probability of Symmetric Order-Flow Shock", Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming.
  • Ma, Y., T. Beck and C. Lin, “Why Do Firms Evade Taxes? The Role of Information Sharing and Financial Sector Outreach”, Journal of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Ma, Y., H. Tang and Y. Zhang, “Factor Intensity, Product Switching, and Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Exporters”, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming.
  • Ma, Y., J. Houston, C. Lin, and L. Jiang, “Political Connections and the Cost of Bank Loans”, Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming
  • Chan, K., Lai, J., and Yan, I., 2013, “Is the provincial capital market segmented in China?”, Review of Development Economics, 17 (3), pp. 430-446.
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  • Lin, H., Wang, J., and Wu, C., 2013, “Liquidity risk and momentum spillover from stocks to bonds”, Journal of Fixed Income, 23 (1), pp. 5-42.
  • Ma, Y., C. Lin, P. Malatesta, and Y. Xuan, 2013, “Corporate Ownership Structure and the Choice between Bank Debt and Public Debt”, Journal of Financial Economics, 109(2), pp.517-534,.
  • Man, K., Wang, J., and Wu, C., 2013, “Price discovery in the U.S. Treasury market: Automation vs. intermediation”, Management Science, 59 (3), pp. 695-714.
  • Mutlu, G., 2013, “Delay aversion under a general class of preferences”, Economics Letters, 121(2).
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  • Sorger, G., Stark, O., and Wang, Y., 2013, “Migration and dynamics: How a leakage of human capital lubricates the engine of economic growth”, International Review of Economics and Finance, 28, pp. 26-37.


3. Visiting scholar program 

Prof. Francis X. Diebold 2015/07/23 - 2015/07/29
Prof. Jay Sa-Aadu 2015/01/05-2015/05/31
Dr. Rituparna Das 2014/11/25-2014/12/24
Prof. Martin Peitz 2014/11/25
Prof. Alexander Craig Burnside 2014/11/24-2014/11/29
Prof. Henrik Cronqvist 2014/11/18
Prof. Craig Doidge 2014/11/14
Prof. Eric Ghysels 2014/11/11
Prof. Rickard Sandberg 2014/10/25-2014/11/01
Prof. Sebastien Betermier 2014/10/21
Prof. Alexander Ljungqvist 2014/10/14
Prof. Nicholas W. Papageorge 2014/08/30-2014/09/14
Prof. Sumru Guler Altug 2014/08/25-2014/12/31
Prof. Milos Vulanovic 2014/08/18-2015/06/30
Prof. Elisabet Ruiz Dotras 2014/08/15-2015/06/12
Prof. Christopher Otrok 2014/08/15
Mr. Jason Cen 2014/08/06-2014/08/13
Dr. Yingying Li 2014/07/15
Mr. Jason Cen 2014/07/07-2014/07/12
Prof. Mark Victor Loewenstein 2014/07/03-2014/07/10
Prof. Wayne Yu 2014/06/30
Prof. Gregory Chow 2014/06/25
Prof. Laurent Weill 2014/06/16
Prof. Jefferson Duarte 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Gustavo Manso 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Jack Bao 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Kai Li 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Marcin Kacperczyk 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Dongmei Li 2014/06/11-2014/06/12
Prof. Efraim Benmelech 2014/06/10-2014/06/12
Dr. Ingrid Lo 2014/06/05-2014/06/16
Prof. Thierry Focault 2014/06/05-2014/06/13
Prof. Richard Payne 2014/06/05-2014/06/07
Dr. Byron Tsang 2014/06/03-2014/08/18
Prof. Yingmei Cheng 2014/06/03-2014/06/06
Dr. Xu Cheng 2014/05/19-2014/05/22
Dr. Sam Tang 2014/05/19
Prof. Qianqian Du 2014/05/15
Prof. Jarrad Harford 2014/05/12-2014/05/13
Prof. Cheng Wang 2014/05/12-2014/05/13
Prof. Mikhail Chernov 2014/05/08-2014/05/10
Prof. Xiaoyan Zhang 2014/05/07-2014/05/10
Prof. Soo-Hong Chew 2014/05/07
Prof. Dimitris Papanikolaou 2014/04/28-2014/05/01
Prof. Shmuel Baruch 2014/04/12-2014/04/15
Dr. Yan An 2014/04/11
Prof. Erik Lie 2014/04/08
Dr. Bibo Liu 2014/04/03-2014/04/05
Dr. Rahul Giri 2014/04/02
Prof. Thomas Lubik 2014/03/26-2014/04/04
Prof. Martin Schmalz 2014/03/26-2014/03/28
Mr. Baolian Wang 2014/03/25
Dr. Tommy Wu 2014/03/24
Prof. Robert Aliber 2014/03/21
Prof. Masao Ogaki 2014/03/19
Dr. Utpal Bhattacharya 2014/03/18
Dr. Michael Krause 2014/03/12-2014/03/21
Dr. Ingrid Lo 2014/03/04-2014/03/14
Dr. Erte Xiao 2014/02/19-2014/02/21
Ms. Guannan Luo 2014/02/17-2014/02/18
Prof. Jeff Hong 2014/02/14
Ms. Lin Liu 2014/02/12-2014/02/15
Dr. Wenlan Qian 2014/02/12-2014/02/14
Ms. Tanida Arayavechkit 2014/02/12-2014/02/14
Ms. Naijia Guo 2014/02/10-2014/02/12
Dr. Seong-Hoon Kim 2014/02/08-2014/02/11
Ms. Xue Bai 2014/02/04-2014/02/07
Dr. Tirthatanmoy Das 2014/02/04-2014/02/07
Dr. Jun Zhang 2014/02/04-2014/02/06
Mr. Brian Ayash 2014/01/27-2014/01/30
Mr. Chang-Mo Kang 2014/01/27-2014/01/28
Dr. Tao Jin 2014/01/23-2014/01/26
Mr. Zhong Zhang 2014/01/21-2014/01/24
Mr. Wei-Ming Lee 2014/01/21-2014/01/23
Mr. Liang Ma 2014/01/20-2014/01/21
Mr. Zhuo Chen 2014/01/18-2014/01/21
Dr. Dayong Huang 2014/01/13-2014/05/31
Dr. Li King King 2014/01/13-2014/05/31
Prof. Kari Heimonen 2014/01/08-2014/03/27


4. GRF

  • 9042016 Dr Du DU
  • 9041826 Dr Charles Ka-yui LEUNG
  • 9041823 Dr Tao LI
  • 9041956 Dr Tao LI
  • 9041711 Dr Hyun Seung NA
  • 9041972 Prof Giorgio VALENTE
  • 9041965 Dr Junbo WANG, EF