Department of Management
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

HOD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Management!

The basic purpose of this Department is to produce high quality graduates. By "high quality" we mean people who can communicate effectively, who can cooperate in team efforts, who have an international perspective and an acute sense of social responsibility, and - above all - who have a strong drive to improve themselves through lifelong learning. They should also know something about business! If we can accomplish this, we will be fulfilling our key responsibility to our students, the business and professional communities and the people of Hong Kong and China. To achieve this vision, we do not simply respond to change, but strive to anticipate changes through our research, curriculum development and consultancy work with leading companies in Hong Kong and China.

The Department of Management believes that, ultimately, students are responsible for their own learning through hard work and dedication, with the help and guidance from teachers. Consequently, each faculty member expects students to come to class fully prepared, ready to discuss materials, and to participate in discussions. We believe in partnership learning with our students. The faculty of the Department of Management come from diverse countries. Many are well-known leaders in their fields of teaching, research and consulting. Our faculty keeps abreast of student, employer, and community expectations in this fast changing economic, technological and political environment. We have a rich and dynamic combination of international and local experience which we bring to the classroom to prepare our students for the realities and challenges of business in the modern world.

Expect to find in the Department of Management a faculty which places high demands on students. Because we expect students to succeed, we will assist them as mentors, advisors and friends. We strive to create a caring yet challenging environment in which they will want to take on obligations, feel free to assert their rights, and thus be able to achieve their full and true potential. Studying at the Department of Management is an experience we believe students will enjoy while they are here and cherish for the rest of their lives.


Prof. Stan Li