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Our Graduates

Human Resources is a change agent in an organization. We work with the business leaders collaboratively and propose recommendation on business effectiveness based on our HR professional knowledge and understanding on the external changing market. The BBA (HRM) programme has not only provided me a comprehensive foundation on various business discipline but also equipped me with the crucial skills and social awareness in dealing with people from different levels and nationalities. My study here has indeed been a valuable starting point for my career and personal growth.

Kalinda Wong | Assistant Manager, Human Resourses, Kerry Holding Limited 
Business knowledge is undoubtedly crucial for a job in the business sector. I would say social communication skills are important for a successful career, especially when we have to work as a team. The BBA(IBJ) Programme (now SIM stream) provided me with professional knowledge and helped me develop a keen business sense. It also provided the chance to develop my interpersonal skills through a series of activities. I found that what I gained from the Department of Management is practical and relevant to my workplace.

Karl Chan | Deputy Manager of Japanese Corporate Department | Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UF 
If I had to do it again, I would definitely make the same decision and study in the Human Resources Management Program at City University of Hong Kong. It is not only the place where I learned to be an HR professional but also where I grew up. The Department of Management provides a dynamic undergraduate curriculum grounded in human resources management that is complemented with distinctive personal and career development programs. We learned how to be effective and efficient managers. In addition, I always felt that there was a friendly relationship among students and professors. I am thankful for the support and encouragement from our professors, lectures and other graduate students.

Kathy Ko | Human Resources Manager | Hospital Authority |


I would say International Business (Japan Studies) - (now SIM stream)  is one of the most outstanding academic programs of the City University of Hong Kong. The prominent scholars from all over the world are the essential resources for providing us with international perspectives to see things globally. Besides, the Department of Management offers lots of opportunity to let students meet with distinguished persons from different business sectors through a variety of programs, seminars and gatherings. IBJ is a unique program which teaches us what is so about special Japanese culture. We have a strong "Senpai" (Senior) and "Kouhai" (Junior) network. Hopefully, more talents would join us in the future in order to provide even bigger value to the society in Hong Kong and the world.

Alvin Leung | General Manager | Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd. 
My current job requires me to learn new knowledge quickly and deal with different people from various cultural backgrounds. The BBA IBJ programme equips me with such essential skills. The programme is designed to train business professional with in-depth cultural knowledge. By using the programme structure as a guide, I am able to learn different business cultures within a short period of time, not only Japan, but also Korea, Germany and even China. As a commercial dispute resolution practitioner, it is my key advantage to provide professional advise with business sense and culture awareness. The knowledge from my IBJ years gave me solid foundation to be a competent professional.

Devin Sio | Barrister (Hong Kong) Arbitrator & Mediator | Admiralty Chambers
This is a program which enables students to develop into professional equipped with sound knowledge and skills about the business world, at the same time to be familiar with the current status of the global marketplaces, which necessarily helps students to develop their future career.

Dune Tung | Assistant Manager | Nakajima Suisan 
Connecting the dots' inspires me in a graduation speech by Steve Jobs. In CityU, the BBA Program enables me to advance my communication and personal skills development. These skills play a major role in my career path and help me going further. Besides, the Department of Management provides excellent support and development opportunities for those who are up for the challenge of career. Once again, three year in CityU is one of the most valuable 'dots' in my life.

Tommy Chan | Associate Director | Convoy Financial Service Limited
The Department of Management provides a very comprehensive programme for business students. The course in Human Resources Management cover a full range of professional management skills with excellent teaching approach. HR knowledge such as the application of labor law, recruitment selection, training & development are all essential for every successful manager. As an entrepreneur of a local SME, HR knowledge equips me with right attitude and concept on manpower planning, and it is definitely useful in business development.

James WU | Director | Mother's Angel Care Service Co. Ltd
BBAHRM is a program full of opportunity to learn with friends, opportunity to learn abroad and opportunity to learn by doing. If you are tired of studying alone for HKDSE, you may experience teamwork here because most courses in the program allow students to work in teams; if you want to broaden your horizons, our department is very generous in supporting students to learn in the global classroom with considerable scholarships; if you are eager to experience the real world and the workplace, and learn to be financially independent, many most admired companies in Hong Kong and in the rest of the world are willing and ready offer internships to BBAHRM students. You can get the best of everything which a university student can possibly take out of our program. BBAHRM is definitely a wonderful choice.

Roy Lee | PhD Student | City Uiversity of Hong Kong