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Minor Programmes

Leadership and Team Management

The Leadership and Team Management (LTM) minor program reflects aspirations of the City University's ideal graduates who have leadership skills and who are "adaptive, resilient, and team-oriented" in a highly competitive business environment. The program aims at developing among students the requisite knowledge and skills in leadership and team management. After completing this program, students as prospective business leaders would be equipped with a high degree of self-knowledge and a good understanding of team management.   

Human Resources Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) minor program is designed in response to the fact that HRM has established itself as a key managerial function for sustaining competitive edge in today's business world. Managers irrespective of their own specialization are expected to engage in a wide variety of HRM-related activities which include hiring the right person for the right job, inducting and training new employees, and managing the performance of subordinates. By providing students with both the conceptual knowledge and the practical skills of people management, the HRM Minor would give students a competitive advantage to attain positions of leadership and responsibility in organizations.

International Business    

The International Business Minor Program develops in students the sensitivity to cross-cultural environments, familiarizes students how multinational companies operate, and helps students cultivate a global mindset. This minor program deals with the complexities of the intricate web of geopolitics and world economics.

Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship    

The minor is structured to expose students to the latest theories and principles of innovation management and entrepreneurship, decision making and organizational change. Economic and financial aspects are given due consideration in elective choices. The Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship minor equips students with these skills so that they become more competitive in the job market and meet the keen demand from service/manufacturing firms.



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