Department of Management
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Founded in October 1990, the College of Business is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, scholarship and research. The College offers more than 25 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes tailor-made to suit the specific needs of different professions. In addition to taught programmes, the Faculty runs research degree programmes leading to the awards of MPhil and PhD.

The College consists of the Departments of Accountancy, Economics and Finance, Information Systems, Management, Management Sciences and Marketing. It has some 200 faculty members recruited from around the world and this diversity ensures students have a global vision. The wealth of practical experience gained by faculty members from industry and various professions, either through working or consulting, has given them a special edge. Faculty members also publish articles and reviews regularly in the world leading academic and professional journals.

The College is a leader in the use of information technology to enhance teaching and students' learning experience. It aims at preparing students to meet the challenges and to lead changes in the new economy of e-business.

Through teleconferencing facilities, students can interact with their counterparts all over the world. The College laboratories enable users to handle simulated trades, practise basic accounting principles and procedures, conduct marketing research, interactive business games and other business projects. Its commitment to creating and developing an IT-based learning environment has recently received distinguished recognitions and awards in the region. Moreover, the widespread use of case-based materials is a distinctive feature of the Faculty teaching.

The College is well known for a diversity of research focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. Through the thoughtful and meaningful research, it aims to push back the frontiers of management knowledge and education. Much of the College global reputation for Asia-Pacific and China research comes from the work of its research centres. In addition to the Accounting and Corporate Law Centre, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Research Centre and Chinese Management Research Centre established by the University, the College has formed a Centre for Competitiveness.

Faculty members also have an impressive record in attracting research grants both within and outside the University. Clients of the latter type of research comprise both local and overseas organisations in the public and private sectors.

Over the years, the College has established strong links with universities in the Asia-Pacific region, North America and other parts of the world. The increasing ties with universities worldwide not only lead to the growth of academic exchanges, but also result in more collaborative efforts, including joint research, student exchange, organisation of case writing workshops, and development of executive training programmes.

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