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Management Internship

Participation in the summer internship programme helps our students to develop and strengthen business and working skills through practical working experiences with organisations in Hong Kong. These experiences help to enhance our students' competitiveness in the job market, and increase their qualifications for employment upon graduation. Since the summer of 2016, the MGT Summer Internship program has become a major elective credit-bearing course for both HRM and SIM majors.

To participate in Summer 2023, students are required to meet the following criteria:

  • BBAU4 (Cohort 2020), BBAU3 (Cohort 2021), BBAU2 (Cohort 2022)
  • Strong academic performance
  • Enthusiasm and a positive work attitude

If you are interested in knowing more about the details, please feel free to contact our staff coordinator, Dr. Andrew Chan  (Email:

Summer Internship

 Below are good examples of our collaborative effort with professionals to train our young talents at City U.




2022 Internship Highlighs

Alliance Construction Materials - Woo Shiu Hong Bonton

Firstly, upon handling the HR routine duties, I can familiarize with the hands-on experience in this business field, which significantly broadened my horizons and allowed me to learn beyond textbooks. I can apply my knowledge and skills to practice, which further deepens my understanding of HR concepts. Secondly, I have learned that thorough preparation is crucial before a project occurs since rehearsal or potential risk management is the key to success. Thirdly, I have gained greater confidence and better communication skills after arranging interviews with candidates and answering HR enquires through phone calls. Lastly, I understood the importance of teamwork because effective collaborations among team members can greatly increase the efficiency of task achievements and goal attainments. 

Bank of Singapore - Chan Hei Kan

HR operation in the real world is much the same as what we learned in class. What I gained from this internship is not limited to those technical skills but also soft skills. At school, you can choose your friends and group mates. You may not be required to work with your negative polar people if you want to. However, you need to work with people who have different work styles. To me, being a good team player is not just strength. It is an essential element in the business world. This internship allows me to contact colleagues from different departments, both front and back office, and work closely with the Singapore HR team. I master how to actively listen and understand the other’s point of view. Also, I absorb the ways of effective communication through the practices of my teammates.



Urban Renewal Authority - Joann Chan

My internship in URA offered me hands-on experience to reach clients, handle HR tasks independently, deepen my understanding on the company structure of a quasi-governmental profit-making statutory body, and give me opportunities to expand my horizons through working with other interns on assigned projects. The opportunity to present to Managing Director was precious and inspiring when I listened to other group’s presentation. Teammates and supervisor in URA are encouraging and helpful to inspire me through real-life situations. I have plenty of chances to utilize my vast working experience and creativity, as a young and new teammate.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council - So Lai Chun

The internship was an unforgettable opportunity to work in HKTDC. I learned more about HR operations like their company procedures and culture. Besides, I learned much more HR-related knowledge while working in an actual business situation. While writing policy guidelines for the HR department, I feel valued by my supervisor and boss as this policy will implement as a guideline for them to follow. Finally, I also uplift my software skills like word and excel. I always use this software in my daily work like mail merge or vlookup to enhance my work efficiency.


Urban Group - Gemma Tse

Through assisting with various tasks, I have learned and strengthened many new skills and knowledge.  Overall, I consider this internship as a perfect chance for me to get to know different parts of HR and figure out my future career path. On the other hand, this internship also allows me to expand my personal network and strengthen my interpersonal skills. Joining the internship course and working in the Urban group is a priceless and meaningful experience for me.


2021 Internship Highlights

Ernst & Young – LAW Sha Lee

Ernst & Young (EY) as one of the big 4 professional accounting firms in the world, holds the mission of building a better working world. EY aims to provide the insights and quality services which help building trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. I am in the CBS - Talent Team- Campus recruitment team, and worked under multiple recruiters in order to help them with campus recruitment process and events. After this internship, I have a deeper understanding on campus recruitment process. From how to screen organizational-fit candidates, the appropriate manner to answer the enquires from candidates, to the selection of the final candidates, I have a more comprehensive understanding on how a professional HR should be.

China Citic Bank International - Kwong Wing Nam Sophia

The nature of my internship is categorized as financial services. During my tenure in the program, I have been appointed to the Risk Management department and conduct different credit proposals. I have assisted in several projects which include a new e-application processing project, prepared testing cases, and also conducted User Acceptance Test. I have also provided comprehensive training on credit processing flow and approval on the retail lending business in Hong Kong.


Tsit Wing Coffee Co., Ltd – Yuen Sze Ho Michael

The internship experience in TWG not only enhanced my technology skills and coffee knowledge but also let me apply some concepts from the lecture, such as SWOT analysis. Most remarkably, this internship makes me know the structure and operation of a large corporation, which is an irreplaceable and meaningful learning experience for me.


Polar Air Cargo Worldwide – Ko Man Kin

Over the last seven months working at the firm, I’ve become skilled in using data visualization software (mainly, Tableau and PowerBI) and programming VBA code in Excel. I'm adept at areas such as report generation, logistic planning, and Excel automation. Now, I have a more thorough understanding of the cargo airline industry and its business model. Gaining experience in preparing reports and carrying out projects will be the cornerstone of my future career development.


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – Ng Tsz Hei

Honestly speaking, this was the most valuable internship I had ever done. This was my first job related to retail and trade marketing. Also, this was my first job working with international colleagues. Through my internship experience, I have found what I am really interested in for my future career.


List of participated companies in recent three years:  
  • A.S. Watson & Co., Limited
  • AIA international Limited
  • Alliance Construction Materials Limited
  • Bank of Singapore
  • BDO Limited
  • Carrier Hong Kong Limited
  • Citic Capital
  • China Citic Bank International
  • China Mobile International Limited
  • CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
  • Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
  • Ernst & Young Group Limited
  • Heng Sang Bank Limited
  • Hong Kong Airline Ltd.
  • Hong Kong Post
  • Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Hospital Authority
  • L'OREAL Hong Kong Limited
  • MTR Corporation Limited
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Polar Air Cargo Worldwide
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.
  • PVH Far East Limited
  • Radica Systems Limited
  • Sa Sa Cosmetic Company Limited
  • Sino Administration Services Limited
  • The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
  • Tricor-Alpha Corporate Secretarial Services Limited
  • Tsit Wing Coffee Co., Ltd
  • Urban Group
  • Urban Property Management Limited
  • Urban Renewal Authority
  • Waihong Environmental Services Limited