CB hosts International Deans' Conference

Dean Houmin Yan and Ms Nadine Burquel, Director of the Business School Services, EFMD Belgiuman

The International Deans' Programme (IDP) has been in town, and was hosted by the College of Business for a one day seminar in late September. This roving programme brings deans together from different parts of the world to enable the sharing of views on current issues. "It's always a pleasure to meet with colleagues from around the world," said Dean Houmin Yan.

"We lead business schools with sometimes strikingly different cultures, and comparing notes is stimulating." This year participating schools came from Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Professor Yan, gave an introduction to the CB culture and its various programmes and shared his view on the "Challenges of being a dean."

"One of my ground rules is communicating with colleagues and building understanding before making key decisions," he said.

Professor Kelvin Yau, Associate Dean of the College, then delivered a presentation on Encouraging Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research in Business Schools followed by a Q&A section. The seminar concluded with group discussions to provide feedback for the next IDP modules in the United Kingdom and Denmark this year.

About the International Deans' Programme

The 7th edition of IDP was co-organized by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and the Association of Business Schools (ABS) providing networking opportunities for deans and directors to collaborate internationally. Members of ABS or EFMD who have been recently appointed dean or director of a business school are invited to join this programme. The IDP enables a group of up to 20 international deans to visit business schools in three countries. It aims to offer participants a unique overview of strategies, operations, structures, and future markets in the business and management aspects of the education sector.

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