College launches Career Service for undergraduates

Ruby with BBA student Kenny Mang Shing-yau

"A customized dialogue with each student," that is the aspiration of Ruby Chan, Senior Manager of the Career Service for Undergraduates at the College of Business.

"Typically, we'll sit down one-to-one or in small groups and really get to know students' own goals and aspirations," says Ruby.

"We'll talk around issues like how to explore careers, or build competitiveness, and we also partner with employers to recruit talents, set up career talks and other recruitment activities."

Ruby and her colleague Catherine Ng work in a variety of areas such as career advising, job and internship opportunities, recruitment talks, skills training workshops, industry seminars/talks, and arranging company visits.

The start point is helping students identify their strengths, then bridging current experience to future career. Every student is dealt with as an individual – and Ruby is finding that students are coming back for more.

"We are getting students coming back a second or third time, so we are building dialogues. Seeing students progress is a really satisfying part of the job."

Ruby and Catherine also help students build up soft skills such as developing a professional brand.

And for the future, she hopes to be able to meet with more alumni and tap into the resources that they offer.

To meet with the Careers Advisory Team:
Ruby Chan
Phone: +852 3442 5902