Alumni Class Notes

Alumni Class Notes

Share your news with classmates and CB alumni! Tell us about the highlights of your year – family, career, accomplishments, and interests. We will publish your updates in the "Class Notes" section of City Business Magazine and on the CB Alumni website.

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Hon Christopher Cheung Wah-fung

SBS, JP, EMBA'07, has been re-elected as a member of the Sixth Legislative Council of the HKSAR representing the financial services constituency. Holding a key post in the Legislative Council as one of the lawmakers, he has been tireless in representing the financial services industry, as well as the wider public interest. Christopher is an experienced stockbroker, having founded Christfund Securities Limited, and serves as its Chairman.

Annie Wong

BBA Marketing'08 is working in the communications department of charitable organisation Po Leung Kuk. Before that, she took a gap year traveling in Germany and enjoyed seeing the world and – in the process – discover more about herself.

Adam Lee Yat-keung

EMBA'10, Managing Director, Head of Greater China, Kingsway Financial Services Group Limited, is a retired athlete with over 20 years' experiences in the Hong Kong financial markets. Adam has successfully transformed his career from sports to the financial industry. He now voluntarily serves the Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme Committee, supporting retired athletes in their pursuit of re-education and new career paths. He especially thanks his role model, Dr John Leung, Programme Director of CityU EMBA, for inspiring Hong Kong youngsters in their ability to transform themselves.

Marcus Chan Wing-hong

BBA Business Economics'11 (second left), maintains a precious friendship with his three CityU friends Calvin, Nicky and Ka-chun, who were on exchange together in Sweden in 2010. The group most recently met up in August to share their latest news.

Kringle Kezz Uy Ho

BBA Marketing'12, is working as a Senior Communications Officer at Veolia China Holding Limited. In pursuing a career in corporate communication in a multinational company, she appreciates the beauty of cultural diversity. She is interested in how emerging digital trends and cultural elements come into play in the evolution of everyday communication, and enjoys exploring various digital channels for company brand building and client engagement.

Zoe Wong Sau-lai

BBA Electronic Commerce'13, is owner of Kami Hair and aspires to bring hope to the follicly challenged through her expertise in providing medical tailor-made wigs. She started in the business ten years ago, and has decided to dedicate her life to this career. Over the years, Zoe has helped some 13,000 clients. She delights in witnessing their smiles as they embark on their lives with renewed zest.

Castiel Kie Kwun-ping

BBA China Business'14, is co-founder and CEO of All-in-One and also a founding member of the China Business Strategic Alliance. Castiel and his partners won a HK$100,000 grant from the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund for All-in-One, an online FinTech platform that allows insurance agents to promote their business products. His startup story was reported by TVB news and ViuTV. Castiel is active in the wider startup community and hopes to become a game changer in the FinTech world.

Samson Lee Lai-ting

BBA China Business'14, is currently working as a Marketing Director at Chi Fung International Group Ltd, a company that specialises in the cosmetic trading business. Samson has been appointed Executive President of the International Beauty & Health General Union, which aims to build relevant training and educational courses as well as providing certifications for its graduates. He is also a board member of “Education Bureau Qualifications Framework – The Beauty and Hairdressingâ€� Industry Training Advisory Committee.

Raymond Wong Wai-wing

EMBA'14, is Chief Operating Officer of Nameson Holdings Ltd. Nameson is one of the leading knitwear manufacturers in mainland China, supplying quality knitwear products to internationally renowned apparel brands. Believing the garment industry to be an evergreen sector, albeit with challenges ahead, Raymond incorporates cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing sector and aims to nurture young talents. Revolutionary management reform initiatives and innovative operational advancements have driven the company into a new era. Raymond was presented with The Hong Kong Young Industrialist Award of by The Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2015.

Jerry Zhang Chi

BBA Electronic Commerce'14, is working for Facebook Hong Kong as a Client Solution Manager, E-commerce, for Greater China. He enjoys the working environment embracing its freedom, creativity, innovation and diversity. Jerry is thankful for what he has learnt in CB and aims to be always bold and think big in life.