Eye-opening Internet+ study tour

A group of 22 undergraduate students from the Department of Information Systems went on a summer study tour to learn more about Internet+. The regional tour took in five cities – Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen – in 29 days. Generously subsidised and supported by the department, the tour has drawn much positive feedback from the participants.

Guided by Dr Terence Cheung, Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Systems and the Programme Leader of the BBA in Information Management, a group of five student representatives planned the expedition, and arranged visits to more than 20 corporates in the five cities. The study tour aimed to increase students'international exposure, and give the opportunity to learn about operation and management practices in various companies, especially in e-commerce and internet industries.

Dr Cheung commented: "Internet+ is prominent and upbeat in industry right now. There is a phenomenal growth in business companies, both locally and in China. I hope our students can learn more about how these companies succeed, and how to create more business in the Internet+ era." The study trip included visits to many well-known corporates such as Alibaba Group, Tencent, Sina, Xiaomi,, etc. Students also toured offices in Qianhai, to learn about incubation projects led by young entrepreneurs in mainland China.

Chloe Ho Ka-yee, one of the student representatives organising the study tour, was delighted to see the department's support for the trip, "We are very thankful to have this study tour. We were inspired by the company visits, and they have really helped us keep abreast of the latest market trends. After each visit, we would discuss with our teachers, to consolidate what we have observed and learned."

Another participant, Darren Deng Yansheng, felt that the visits to Tencent and Alibaba were the most memorable. "I was impressed by how fast these companies react to new ideas. There is no hierarchy in the office – whoever has a new idea can propose to the team instantly. If the idea is accepted, they will work on it, and then launch to market. They respond to changes very fast and efficiently."

Both Chloe and Darren were fascinated by the surge of new projects and companies in China, and are considering launching their own startups in the future.

"The trip was an eye-opener. Everyone can start their own business with a good idea. There are a lot of resources and support from the government for new startups, and many opportunities out there in China," she said.