College Teaching Excellence Awards 2016

Dr Yulin Fang
Dr Vikas Kakkar

Dr Yulin Fang, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems, and Dr Vikas Kakkar, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance have been awarded the College of Business Teaching Excellence Awards 2016. Their citations are as follows:

Dr Yulin Fang is an enthusiastic teacher who emphasises the application of knowledge to practice. His unique "Case-Based Collective Reflection" encourages graduate students to reflect on their acquired knowledge in a professional context. Yulin has written many Asiabased cases and distributed them through publishers such as Ivey and IMD, thus contributing to the global repertoire of business cases. His cases are often enriched by multimedia resources.

Dr Vikas Kakkar is an inspiring teacher who encourages an inquirybased approach to learning. DEC elements are incorporated in each and every one of his courses. Vikas puts students at the centre of the learning process, encouraging and empowering them to discover knowledge to the fullest extent possible. He has demonstrated an ability to motivate active learning by engaging students in interactive discussions, even in large classes.