Alumni Class Notes

Alumni Class Notes

Share your news with classmates and CB alumni! Tell us about the highlights of your year – family, career, accomplishments, and interests. We will publish your updates in the “Class Notes” section of City Business Magazine and on the CB Alumni website.

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Yuqing Liu MSc Business Information Systems’11

After my graduation, I became a civil servant in my hometown. In the meantime, I set up an association for overseas returnees in my city. There are almost 500 members now, with some choosing to work in their hometown, others overseas. I miss the learning experience at CityU, especially the professors who were willing to help us inexperienced students. Even though I graduated many years ago, I am always touched when I receive emails from CityU. I wish for a prosperous CityU in the years ahead.

Felix Choi BBA Finance’14

With a strong interest in developing my career in investment banking operations, three years ago I decided to explore overseas working opportunities by studying a masters in Australia. I was fortunate enough to have worked at Bank of China (Sydney Branch) during my part-time study. Recently, I was relocated back to Hong Kong and work in collateral management at Citibank. I believe this city is the heart of the Asia Pacific region, and it allows me to grow faster.

Lilian Wong BBA Quantitative Finance and Risk Management’14

Hello CityU! Thanks to the generous entrance scholarship for overseas students, I successfully graduated and landed a great job in Hong Kong. The international culture and bustling city life have made me stay and become a permanent resident. I am grateful to have started my journey with CityU and now looking forward to progress further with Hong Kong and the great land, China.

Jianhao Li MBA’14

Greetings, everyone! I am currently the partner of Shenzhen FEIMA Financial Holdings and my company has earned a few awards over 2015-18, including being recognised as a brand new innovative Shenzhen company, the company with the highest growth in private equity, the most valuable private investment company in China and the most reliable alternative asset manager for the year.

Qisha Gong BBA Finance‘14

After graduation, I was able to enter the Information Technology industry with the help of knowledge gained from minoring in Computer Science at CityU. I am currently working in the Microsoft Solution Business Unit. It is full of challenges and achievement, as well as personal enrichment and lifelong learning. I am grateful for the university experience, miss the times at CityU, and wish all the best to my fellow alumni!

Eric Ma BBA Information Management’18

After graduating in 2018, I started my second backpacking trip in Europe and Africa for three months. I walked through 40 countries before the age of 21 and got immersed in a travel startup business. Influenced by the "Go Global" spirit at CityU, I participated in an internship in London, exchange in Latvia and community service in South Africa. With the global exposure, I have become more openminded and have found my true interest in life. I consistently put myself in uncomfortable situations to try out different things so as to find my purpose in life – and most importantly I am happy and enjoy the process.

Pingting Du MBA’18

My MBA study at CityU was a magic journey, like a bridge to the life I wanted to lead. At the end of my Paris exchange programme, I got an MBA trainee offer from L’Oréal Group, and now I am corp digital manager in the Chief digital officer’s team. The most important thing I learned from my MBA study and I would like to share with you is – follow your heart, dare to dream big, and seize every opportunity that comes to you.

Please enjoy every minute during your study at CityU since you will encounter a lot of amazing people and your life experience will be expanded. Wish you all a great success and happiness.