Inaugural joint seminar with the School of Law

With the vision of Dean Frank Chen and Professor Cheng- Han Tan of the School of Law, a joint seminar series was launched on November 12th to explore common research interests of the business and law disciplines. The aim is to encourage collaboration between scholars in the two disciplines and address problems impactful to the world.

In his opening remarks, Professor Tan said that this would be the start of a fruitful relationship that will improve interdisciplinary collaboration between the two disciplines.

Professor Chen said that the joint research effort would attract seed funding for research between the two schools, and looked forward to increased collaboration.

The inaugural seminar was presented by Professor Weithoo Yue from the Department of Information Systems, on "Implementing Transaction Fee Mechanism in Permissioned Blockchains: An Economic Analysis."

The seminar marked the beginning of what we trust will be a long and fruitful partnership with the School of Law.