Information Analytics Management Stream

Students need to obtain 9 credits from the following list of courses:
IS5740 Management Support and Business Intelligence Systems​ (A, 3 credits)
IS6400 Business Data Analytics (B, 3 credits)
IS6200 Blockchain Technology and Business Applications (B, 3 credits)
IS5940 Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship​ (Summer, 3 credits)
IS5540 Project Management and Quality Assurance (A, 3 credits)
IS5312 Analytical Programming with Python (A, 3 credits)
IS6921 Knowledge Management (B, 3 credits)
IS6912 Information Systems Project (A or B, 6 credits)


The remaining 6 credits can be chosen from any postgraduate elective courses offered by any departments within CB. Some electives of the IS Department are as follows:
IS6914 Information Analytics Management Project (A or B, 3 credits)
IS5238 Business Practice Internship (A or B or summer, 3 credits)
IS5311 JAVA Programming for Business Applications (B, 3 credits)
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