Postgraduate Degrees


Tuition fees: HK$8,900 per credit unit
Minimum credits required: 30
Total: HK$267,000
Maximum credit transfer: 6 credits (equivalent postgraduate courses only)


In addition, the university will charge a cautionary sum of HK$400 and there will also be a membership fee of HK$150/HK$300 (part-time/full-time) for the City University Postgraduate Association.


Non-local students who will study at the University for over 180 days are required to purchase a Personal Accident and Medical Insurance Policy.  Such an insurance policy shall be arranged on the students’ behalves by the University.  The insurance premium is about HK$500.


Non-local applicants should note that rent in Hong Kong is very high. Rental expenses will be around HK$4,000 per head per month if a student shares a small 2-bedroom flat with another student. 


Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

The following courses are eligible for applying subsidy from CEF and each applicant may receive up to HK$10,000 refund within the one-year application period. Please visit CEF web site application procedure.


CityU Course Code Course Title CEF Course Code (under City University of Hong Kong , institution code 005)
IS6200 Blockchain Technology and Business Applications 33Z131181
IS6400 Business Data Analytics 33Z13119A
IS5413 Database Management Systems 33Z131203