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BBA Marketing

Student Activities

Business Leader ForumsOpen

Company VisitOpen

Hosting the company visit allows students to see industry in a practical context and showcase the business applications in the real world. Students also have the opportunity to meet the enthusiastic staff within the organization that may enhance their understandings on the work that a real business and marketer carries out.

Marketing SocietyOpen

The Marketing Society, CITYUSU was founded in 1998, as a non-profit making student- run society in the City University of Hong Kong. Currently, we are serving more than 1000 members from all academic years, majoring in Marketing, China Business, Global Business and Associate in Marketing.

Our society aims to provide business-related information and activities, encourage cohesion among our members and enhance the realization of business studies. We hold academic and career-oriented activities, such as CV writing workshop, firm visit, as well as other activities that enhance the bonding among the big family of Marketing Society, such as Orientation Camp, Singing Contest, College of Business Cups, etc. We also strive for welfare for our members, through activities such as welfare sales and mega sales, so to consolidate the sense of belongings of members to the Marketing Society, as well as the university as a whole.

Strategic Marketing CommitteeOpen

The Strategic Marketing Committee aims to build up a positive image of the Department of Marketing and attract students with outstanding potential to join us. We intend to promote the Department of Marketing with a warm and friendly atmosphere to all students through different activities. We support various events that held by the Department with our best effort. With the strong bonding between the Department of Marketing and students, we organize a range of talks and interviews for students applying for our program on behalf of the Department of Marketing. Moreover, we are responsible for holding the Information Day and the Business Leader Forum. Through the experience of coordinating large-scale events, committee members can develop their problem solving, communication and organization skills, which play a vital role in their personal growth and future career.

Au Yee Ching
Ng Sui Shan
Phan Ching Yi
Info Day Team
Team Leader
Chow Tsz Ying
Chong Yu Ching
Kong Cheuk Man
Chang Hoi Yi
Ng Kwok Fai
Team Leader
Cheng Hai Ching
Ng Ho Yin
Wong Wing Ki
Lam Kwok Fung
Wong Sze Wai
Non-JUPAS Team
Team Leader
Chu Hoi Tung
Pun Lee Ling
Yuen Sze Ho
Hung Wing Ki
Business Leader Forum Team
Team Leader
Wong Hoi Ming
Wong Kin Ming
Yau William
Wong Wai Yi
Wong Hi Yeung
Ng Tsz Lam
Team Leader
Wong Hoi Wai
Yeung Man Yan
Yim Chak Wing
Tai Pak In
Non-JUPAS Team
Team Leader
Lam Cheuk Yiu
Chau Tsz Ching
Ng Sui Shan
Ng Sze Wai
Info Day Team
Team Leader
Tam Nga Man
Li Man Kit
Ali Hassan
Cheung Chun Ting
Sin On Kei
Business Leader Forum Team
Team Leader
Cheung Yan Lam
Dai Yongxin
Lam Yuen Mei
Ng Wing Sze Shirleen
Ho Tsz Hei Hayden
Man Pui Ling Pauline
Non-JUPAS Team
Team Leader
Kaur Simanpreet Simmi
Lee Hay Lum Jonathan
Tse Yu Mei Jessica
Business Leader Team
Team Leader
Wong Chun Kit Douglas
Wan Hui Yee Chloe
Chan Pui Lam Melanie
Team Leader
Yu Yuet Han Rachel
Chung Cheuk Lam Ivan
Kwok Hei Ting Heidi
Wong Wang Wai Michael
Alumni Dinner Team
Team Leader
Chung Yiu Sum Banco
Yam Lok Sum Veronica
Chow Chin Ching Coco
Chan Hoi Ting Alice
Info Day Team
Team Leader
Kwong Ling Yi Michelle
Yeung Ga Man Estella
Yu Pui Ying Fossa
School Visit Team
Team Leader
Wong Hoi Wai Salina
Chan Wing Suet Sophia
Au Chun Kwan Alice
Content Marketing Team
Team Leader
Li Yan Rong Eleanor
Yip Tik Hang Thomas
Ng Yuen Ting Kanas

The 17th Strategic Marketing Committee 2018-2019:

From Left to Right:

LEUNG Yiu Cheung Derek (Marketer)
LAU Chun Ho Zeus (Marketer)
TANG Cheuk Ying Flora (Marketer)
CHOY Ching Yung Stacy (Marketer)
CHOW Nga Ting Daisy (Marketer)
LAU Ka Lam Abby (Marketer)
KONG Miu Wah Jennifer (Marketer)
LAU Sze Ching Rachel (Marketer)
TAM Hiu Suet Shirley (Marketer)
TSANG Shing Yan Nadia (President)
LEUNG Chun Pong Kelvin (Vice-President)
WOO Wing Suet Renee (Marketer)
LIANG Yi Si Nancy (Marketer)
LI Ying Ying Dorothy (Marketer)
AU YEUNG Wai Lam Lorraine (Marketer)
CHUNG Yin Sophie (Marketer)
KWONG Ling Yi Michelle (Marketer)
LEE Fuk Hang Claudia (Marketer)
LEUNG Siu Lun Myles (Marketer)
NG Nathan (Marketer)

The 16th Strategic Marketing Committee 2017-2018:

From Left to Right:

YIU Kin Ting Marco (Marketer)
YEUNG Man Kit Frederick (Marketer)
LAM Ngai Yeung Thomas (Marketer)
WONG Sum Yi Sumyi (Marketer)
LAM Wing Man Charlotte (Marketer)
NG Hoi Yan Christy (Marketer)
LAU Hin Wing Karen (Marketer)
CHOI Nga Sze Kristin (Marketer)
CHAN Yin Yee Yumi (Marketer)
CHIU Eunice Grace C (Vice-President)
LEE Yin Pui Oscar (President)
WONG Wing Yan Miki (Vice-President)
YIP Sau Man Sherman (Marketer)
TONG Lok Yiu Hermione (Marketer)
CHAN Kok Yee Dorothy (Marketer)
LEUNG Pui Lam (Marketer)
LEUNG Chin Chin (Marketer)
CHEUNG Ching Wai (Marketer)
WAN Man Kit (Marketer)
YEUNG Lok Yin Wesley (Marketer)
WONG Tsz Hin Tyler (Marketer)

The 15th Strategic Marketing Committee 2016-2017:

From Left to Right:

Lee Yin Pui Oscar (Marketer)
Lee Chun Yin Bryan (Marketer)
Wong Yuk Ting Yuki (Marketer)
Hui Tin Oi Sally (Marketer)
Lam Lok Kei Kimmy (Marketer)
Man Yuk Yu Mavis (Marketer)
Wong Hui Chi Gigi (Marketer)
Yu Cheuk Lam Jenny (Marketer)
Lau Wing Kiu Vanessa (Marketer)
Lui Wing Ting Monique (Vice-President)
Law Kin Kwan Jason (President)
Ng Kam Yi Christine (Vice-President)
Kaur Harmanbir Harman (Marketer)
Chan Wing Lam Christy (Marketer)
Ling Yee Ching Sharon (Marketer)
Ng Lok Man Monica (Marketer)
Lai Wai Shan Ceci (Marketer)
Cheng Choi Mei Victoria (Marketer)
Kwok Sin Ying Ada (Marketer)
Chan Yan Yi Chantal (Marketer)
Tyrell Aaron (Marketer)

The 14th Strategic Marketing Committee 2015-2016:

From Left to Right:

TSANG Ho Yan, Benedict (Marketer)
YIP Kellie (Marketer)
CHAU Janice (Marketer)
LIU Ching Yin, Christy (Marketer)
CHENG Wing Lam, Winnie (Marketer)
YAU Suet Ying, Zoe (Marketer)
NG Ching Lam, Cherrie (Marketer)
NG Cheuk Hei, Cherry (Marketer)
LUI Wing Yan, Annie (Vice-President)
CHAN Kin Ting, Harry (President)
CHAN Po Ki, Bonita (Vice-President)
CHENG Natalie (Marketer)
CHONG Wing Si, Wincy (Marketer)
NG Mei Yee, Meiji (Marketer)
LAM Ho Yi, Chloe (Marketer)
MOK Wing Sum, Nicole (Marketer)
CHEUNG Wing Man, Shirley (Marketer)
MA Tsz Yan, Miranda (Marketer)
LEE Hei Yu, Alison (Marketer)
CHAN Chun Wai, Alan (Marketer)

Executive Mentoring ProgramOpen

There is always a gap between school learning and the real-world environment. The aim of this program is to enhance the student's understanding of the real-world environment, and to help them build strong social networks. Students who are part of this program also obtain advice for career and personal development through professional coaching and interaction with successful business executives.

  • To enhance students' understanding of the real-world environment.
  • To help students have a better selfunderstanding.
  • To build up social networks for students.
  • To help students develop their career interests and ultimately a successful career path.

Mentors are successful professionals, or executives, from various business sectors including advertising, banking, digital media, education, finance, human resources, marketing, marketing research, and retailing.

Our Mentors included: (Sorted alphabetically by last name)
  • Mr. Dempster Chan Chief Executive Officer, Cue Education Limited
  • Mr. Pan Chan Senior Manager and Financial Planner, AIA
  • Ms Meimei Cheung Business Development Executive, Wow! Marketing Co. Ltd.
  • Mr. Tony Cheung Assistant Trade Marketing Manager, Philip Morris International
  • Mr. Claudio Chow Sales Director, Yushi International Trade Centre
  • Mr. Danny Fok Sales Director (Asia), STATS LLC
  • Mr. Kason Fok Associate Director, Convoy Financial Services Ltd
  • Dr. Torin Fung CEO, Novelin Limited
  • Mr. Vincent Ha Co-founder & Qualitative Researcher, Nimbus Insight Limited
  • Ms. Sara Ho General Manager, Group Organizational Development & Talent Acquisition, Jebsen & Co. Ltd.
  • Ms. Edith Lam Director of Retail Operations Development, VF Hong Kong Limited
  • Mr. Macro Lam Head of Digital Creative, DDB Group Hong Kong
  • Mr. Melvin Ma eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager, CLARINS
  • Mr. Rafael Ng Product Manager, HK01
  • Mr. Stephen Ng Vice President, Private Wealth Maybank
  • Dr. Louis Poon Head of Asia Distribution, VTB Capital Investment Management Group
  • Mr. KK Wong Director/Founder, Wow! Marketing Co.Ltd.
  • Mr. Wilson Wong Head of Marketing, ESDlife
  • Ms. Paula Yang General Manager, NDN Group (HK) Limited
  • Ms. Poling Yim Marketing Manager, Lombard Odier (Hong Kong)
Quotes of Mentees
  • Kristy Chung, Yr. 4 BBA (Marketing) student "it is no wonder a fruitful opportunity for me to be engaged in this program. By interacting with myriads of industry experts, I was given much guidance and motivation to further pursue my career aspiration."
  • CHUNG Wing Huen, Yr. 4 BBA (Marketing) student "Heartfelt thanks for Department of Marketing in giving us a valuable chance to participate in the Executive Mentorship Program. Our mentor provided us with customized advice and a lot of insights."
  • Li Ho Yuen,Yr. 4 BBA (Marketing) student "It was such exciting news when I heard this mentoring program. It was definitely an invaluable experience for me to equip myself on the industryrelated knowledge from sharing of our mentors."
  • LUK Chiu Nam, Yr. 4 BBA (Marketing) student "I am now feeling more confident and secure in developing my own career, as the mentor was passionate in sharing his working and life experience on maximizing opportunities and dealing with challenges."
  • Guidance from a mentor to a mentee on personal and career development.
  • A partnership for mutual sharing and learning between a mentor and mentee.
  • The development of mutual respect as well as mutual learning.

MKT Company Consultancy ProjectsOpen

Our students work as the professional company consultants and their tasks involve understanding consumer buying behaviour, analysing key competitors and formulating creative and cost-effective marketing strategies so as to explore new business opportunities.

Every year, many outstanding students have received the "Company Consultancy Project Awards" from corporations for their innovative strategies and contributions.

The Company Consultancy Projects are well recognized in the industry and widely reported by various media. All the participating corporations highly commend the students for their creativity and presentation skills.

Our company partners include
2022 -
2021 -
2020 -
2019 -
2018 -
Sem A, 2022-23
Ztore H.K. Ltd.
SPD Bank
eBay HK
Kabushikigaisha Limited

Sem A, 2021-22
Bank of Communications Trustee Ltd.
CooperVision Hong Kong Limited
Kabushikigaisha Limited
Whealthfields (Hong Kong) Limited

Sem B, 2021-22
Bank of Communications Trustee Ltd.
Capture HK
Moment Health
QP Group
SPD Bank
Sem A, 2020-21
BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited
CooperVision Hong Kong Ltd.
Kabushikigaisha Ltd.
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.
Zkin Advanced Beauty

Sem B, 2020-21
Chiron Healthcare Group Limited Limited
Livi Bank Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited
Sem A, 2019-20
Bayer HealthCare Limited
Binly (H.K.) Ltd.
CooperVision Hong Kong Ltd.
Dash Consultancy & Management Limited
Magnum Research Ltd.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd.
Wilson Communications Ltd.

Sem B, 2019-20
eBay Hong Kong
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HK)
Heep Hong Society
Great Eagle Holdings Limited
DDY Scientific Health and Beauty Ltd.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited
Summer Sem, 2018-19
iBigHealth Technology Limited
Trappist Dairy Limited

Sem A, 2018-19
Audi Hong Kong
Bayer Healthcare
BRITA Hong Kong Ltd.
EMMAS Mattress
Great Eagle Holdings Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited
Telford International Company Limited

Sem B, 2018-19
A. S. Watsons
CooperVision Hong Kong Ltd.
HK01 Company Limited
eBay Hong Kong
Patisserie La Lune Ltd.
Summer Sem, 2017-18
Logitech Hong Kong Limited

Sem A, 2017-18
ASANA Global Group
Bayer HealthCare Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited
Sinomax Health & Household Products Ltd.
Telford International Company Limited
Trappist Dairy Limited

Sem B, 2017-18
eBay HK
Hong Kong Airline
Wilson Communication Ltd
ESD Life
World Green Organisation
Prudential HK Ltd
Country Garden
HKT Limited
Summer Sem, 2016-17
TianEn International Company Ltd

Sem A, 2016-17
Hung Fook Tong Franchise System Mgt Ltd
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K) Ltd
Swire Resources Limited
Telford International Company Ltd (Tao Ti & MEKO)
Telford International Company Ltd (Pepsi & Gatorade)
Watsons The Chemist

Sem B, 2016-17
eBay International HK Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K) Ltd
One Financial Services Limited
Hong Kong Airlines
Wilson Communication Ltd
Snapple Beverage Corporation
Country Garden
Shenzhen Lacesar Pizzeria
HKT Limited
Sem A, 2015-16
Hongkong Storage
E.P.S.A. Corporation Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited
Watson's Wine
Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited
Telford International Company Limited
General Mills Hong Kong Limited

Sem B, 2015-16
Wilson Communications Ltd.
Hong Kong Airlines Limited
Snapple Beverage Corporation
Pan Pacific Development Limited
MediLASE Hair Removal Centre Limited
Financial PR (HK) Limited
Share News Media Limited
Dongguan Yishion Group Co. Ltd.
Swire Foods Holdings Limited
HKT Limited
Sem A, 2014-15
Hongkong Storage
MediLASE Hair Removal Centre Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited
Watson's The Chemist
Hung Fook Tong Holdings
Telford International Company Limited
Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited

Sem B, 2014-15
Lubuds Group
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd - 7-Eleven
Prudential HK Ltd
BELLESA styling bar (Member of Kenford Group Holdings Limited)
Wilson Communication Ltd
Snapple Beverage Corporation
Culture Technology Group
Clarins HK
Swire Foods Holdings Limited
Well Synergy International Ltd.
Sem A, 2013-14
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd - 7-Eleven
Choi Fook Wedding Banquet Group
A.S. Watsons Group
Hung Fook Tong (China) Development Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K) Ltd

Sem B, 2013-14
TSL Jewellery (H.K) Co. Limited
The Link Management Limited
Wilson Communication Ltd
Snapple Beverage Corporation
Free Town Watch Products Limited
Hutchison Global Communications
Sem A, 2012-2013
Hung Fook Tong Holdings
ICICI Bank Limited
Hutchison Hain Organic (Hong Kong) Limited
TSL Jewellery
LF Asia (Hong Kong) Limited
The Link Management

Sem B, 2012-2013
Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited
King Bakery Holdings Limited
eBay Hong Kong
Wilson Communications Limited
3 Kings Holding Limited
Radica System Limited
ZUJI Limited
Sem A, 2011-12
Hutchison China MediTech Ltd.
Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd.
LF Asia (Hong Kong) Limited
Pizza Express
The Link Management Ltd.

Sem B, 2011-12
Watson's The Chemist
The Dairy Farm Company Limited - 7-Eleven
The Wrigley Company (Hong Kong) Limited
Wilson Communications Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited, Efficiency Unit - The Government of the HKSAR
TSL Jewellery
Sem A, 2010-11
iDS Marketing
Mentholatum (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
Pricerite Stores Limited
CASH Financial Service Group Limited
Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, Inc.
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd - Wellcome
International Payment Solutions (HK) Limited
The Link Management Limited
St. James' Settlement

Sem B, 2010-11
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd - 7-Eleven
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Limited
Hung Fook Tong Holdings
Watson's The Chemist
Crocs Hong Kong Ltd.

Orientation CampOpen

The Marketing Orientation Camp is organized by our Marketing Society every year. It is generally a 3-days- 2-nights camp, which aims to help freshmen meet new friends and immerse themselves in the core of the university life. Through getting along with a group of freshmen in the camp, it enables them to get to know and connect with each other.

A variety of fun and engaging activities is designed to train the freshmen's effectiveness in thinking, communicating and behaving. Under the leadership of the senior students, freshmen have grown into a team which is innovative, respectful and conscientious. It is undoubtedly a memorable jump-start of the freshmen's university experience.

Marketing Orientation Camp 2017
Marketing Orientation Camp 2018

Student Mentoring ProgramOpen

The mission of the Student Mentoring Program is to support our freshmen in learning the meaning of university education and adapt to the university environment as fast as possible. "The first Impression Lasts" : if we can manage the first moments of our freshmen in a positive, imitative, and participative atmosphere with ample support from both academic staff and senior students, the learning culture can be further polished in the same direction. Besides, through the preparation of different activities, mentors have enhanced their leadership, organization and communication skills, which are essential for their life-long development.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • To help the freshmen (mentees) adapt quickly to university life and the new learning environment at CityU
  • To develop students with a strong sense of social responsibility to the community


Throughout the year

Target Participants

Freshmen in Department of Marketing

List of Activities

  1. Training workshop for mentors
  2. Departmental and College Orientation
  3. First Mentor Mentee Meeting
  4. Lunch Gathering With Program Leaders and Alumni
  5. Alumni Sharing
  6. Exchange Sharing Night
  7. Social Service Activities
  8. Outdoor activities such as hiking
  9. Business Case Competition

The aforementioned activities are organized by our MMC (Marketing Mentoring Committee) members, who are committed and determined to assist mentees in adapting to the new study environment.

For more news about the Student Mentoring Program, please visit our Facebook page at and Instagram page at

2021 -
2020 -
2019 -
2018 -

2021-22 Marketing Mentoring Committee (14th MMC)

From left to right:

Mohammad Kashif
LI Wing Chi, Angie
Kwan Wing Sze, Charlie
Yiu Kam Ming, Clement (Vice President)
Cheng Ho Yi, Chloe (President)
Sin On Kei, Angel
LAM Yuen Mei, Melody
Ting Siu Shing, Tony

2020-21 Marketing Mentoring Committee (13th MMC)

1st Row (From Left to Right):

Cheng Ho Yi, Chloe
Wong Chun Kit, Douglas (President)
Yu Yuet Han, Rachel (Internal Vice-President)
Wong Chi Ping, Russell (Executive Vice President)
Yiu Kam Ming, Clement
To Chun Lok, Paris (External Vice President)

2nd Row (the 1st from Left):

Ng Ka Yi, Mavis

Not in the Photo:

Lo Hiu Fai, Angel

2019-20 Marketing Mentoring Committee (12th MMC)

From left to right:

Wong Chi Ping, Russell
Ng Wing Lam, Verona
To Chun Lok, Paris
Wong Chun Kit, Douglas (President)
Au Si Ki, Siki
Lam Yuen Man, Tiffany
Yu Yuet Han, Rachel
Wan Lok Chin, Loretta

2018-19 Marketing Mentoring Committee (11th MMC)

The first row (from left to right)

Cheung Hon Lap, Alan
Chan Joleen

The second row (from left to right)

LEE Pui Lam, Peggy
Chan Ming Lun, Jason
Kiran Naz
Leung Pui Lam, Tiffany (President)
Sung Wing Lau, Serena
Lam Ngai Yeung, Thomas

2017-18 Marketing Mentoring Committee (10th MMC)

From Left to Right:

Yu Cheuk Lam, Jenny
Chan Hiu Kwan, Melissa
To Long Yin, Frankie
Suen Chik Nam, Natiss
Chan Wing Lam, Christy (President)
Mak Kin Hei
Choi Nga Sze, Kristin
Chiu Yat Long, Kyle

2016-17 Marketing Mentoring Committee (9th MMC)

From Left to Right:

Li Kai Yau, Kyle
Wong Hong Yiu, Natalie
Yiu Ting Fun, Wayne
Chan Pik To, Miki (Vice President)
Cheung Tim (Presidet)
Elizabeth Sathianesan. Lisa
Sin Nga Leung, Kay
Cheung Ka Ho, Ziv

Study ToursOpen

Study tours program offers students a unique educational experience and broaden their horizons and learn different cultures of other counties. Activities generally includes visiting local schools and companies, attending special events conducted in the local community, etc.

Getting away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom not only gives students a valuable opportunity to observe, chat and learn about each other, but also leaves them exciting and favorite memories in their university lives.