Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong
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BBA Marketing

Student/Alumni Sharing

Florence Chan
BBA MarketingClose

"Here in CityU, I have hosted various grand events such as Hong Kong International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, CityU Employers Luncheon and the Graduation Ceremony. I have also participated in TEDxCityU Hong Kong and CityU Model United Nations. I have the privilege to travel to New York to attend the WFUNA Model United Nations Conference at the headquarters of United Nations. There I met a lot of amazing people. Most importantly, I realized the importance of communication.

Being a marketing student, I always study how we can communicate with people more effectively. The opportunities and exposures I have here help me to prepare myself as a leader for further society."

Charlotte Leung
BBA MarketingOpen

Castiel Kie
BBA in China BusinessOpen

Studying CityU Marketing helps me establish my entrepreneurship. It provides opportunities to meet with famous business leaders that I can learn from their valuable experience. Practical project base courses in Marketing do improve my pitching skills and communication skills which I found extremely useful in running startups and working with large firms.

Kunal Parwani
BBA MarketingOpen

"The Marketing program has equipped me with more than the necessary skill-sets and knowledge to embark on an illustrious career. The plethora of opportunities, in both academic and co-curricular respects, coupled with unfailing support and guidance from the Department's renowned academics, has built a platform on which ambitious students can excel and realize their dreams."

Sharon Lau
BBA MarketingOpen

"Marketing is all about closing the gap and bringing people closer together. It matches my life goal which as a positive influence to my society, or even the world. Studying Marketing in CityU is a fortunate chance for me to achieve my goal. Broadening horizons through exchange study, widening insights by practical internship, enriching knowledge in the lectures are all the valuable tools to equip myself as a marketer."

Natiss Suen
BBA MarketingOpen

"The world is becoming digitalised in the era and everyone is browsing on the Internet. How digital marketing shapes the innovative technology and delivers value to customers are interesting issues. Studying in CityU marketing is fruitful, with lots of opportunities in exchange and internship. As a future marketer, we hope to discover more and step forward in the field with our professionalism."

Thomas Lam
BBA MarketingOpen

"Although this is the first year studying in CityU BBA Marketing, I am fully alive to the practical opportunities that the department provides to students. Along with the practical opportunities to address real business issues, BBA Marketing offers a platform for me to develop my potential and innovation by participating in varieties of case competitions.

BBA Marketing develops me into a presentable person and good team player. Joining the Strategic Marketing Committee allows me to organise large events like information day and JUPAS interview, which helps building my confidence in facing challenges and problem solving skills."

Eve Li
BBA MarketingOpen

"I am interested in studying marketing as I think a marketing degree can open many doors for me in my future career. During the years at marketing department, I have learnt not only the knowledge on books, but also the sense of dealing with others. Last summer, I was glad to be working with a group of energetic and intelligent marketing students for our company consultancy project. With the guidance of our professors and company management, we were finally awarded the champion award, which was one of the best moments in my university life!"

Allison Lin
BBA MarketingOpen

"I am a girl who doesn't like to stick in the same thing for a long period of time. I found marketing fits me so much as it is a job or a course that never stop with its "ing". Here you can learn things totally different from year to year as you must catch up the market trend when you are generating new ideas. With different competitions and marketing consultancy project, it allows me, a marketing student to practise what I've learnt instead of having lots of theories in mind but have no idea how to use it out. It's glad to be a marketing student in CityU. "

Heidi Pun
BBA MarketingOpen

"Marketing is a Practical subject that involves the marketing environment, consumer market and the consumer behaviour etc. Through the courses I take, I have improved my critical thinking and creativity, those can help me to develop my business in the future. Moreover, Cityu has provided many opportunities for students, like internships and study tours, those give us chances to gain more experience and apply the knowledge we learned at school in the workplaces. I am honoured to study marketing in CityU."

Sharon Ling
BBA MarketingOpen

"Being a marketer allow people to reach and communicate with various audiences. It's meaningful that we learn to be tactful by gaining insight into specific personality types and taking different approaches to engage them. Studying marketing also requires me to keep abreast of the latest trends and information in the community or even around the globe, which probably shape me into an interesting person who is more curious in things that's going on around me."

Kalam Lau
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