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BBA Marketing


  • How does CityU BBA Marketing evaluate applicants?

In the process of evaluation, CityU BBA Marketing lines up applicants primarily based on their HKDSE results while it also appraises the overall profile of a student. The following factors may result in an upward adjustment on the applicant's position in the priority list: JUPAS banding, interview performance, School Reference Report (SRR), Other Experiences and Achievements (OEA), and Student Learning Profile (SLP), etc.

  • How does the admission interview work?

The JUPAS admission interview will be held in late June. It is conducted in English and is comprised of two sessions: a 15-mintue group interview and a 90-second self-introduction. Some common group discussion topics would be about current affairs and drawing up marketing plan on site in response to some topical issues, while some may come in forms of situational questions.

  • Am I a suitable candidate for CityU BBA Marketing Programme?

Unless you are reluctant to have teamwork, anyone who is passionate about Marketing is very much welcomed to the CityU BBA Marketing Programme. For further details regarding programme features, please refer to our programme brochure.

  • Is it disadvantageous for students who did not take any business-related subject to study in CityU BBA Marketing Programme?

It should not be so. All students are required to take a curriculum of fundamental yet comprehensive core courses offered by the College of Business, before moving on to taking more advanced courses. The curriculum is comprised of, for examples, studies of Finance, Accounting, and Economics, etc. It intends to lay a foundation of business-related knowledge for reliable implementation in time. Hence, CityU BBA Marketing Programme is a good fit for everyone regardless the electives choices made within the HKDSE curriculum.

  • What do we study in CityU BBA Marketing Programme?

“Learning through real-life experience” has always been the core value of CityU BBA Marketing. We actualize this core value through introducing “i-Marketing +” as the key concept of our Programme, for which courses in design thinking and marketing analytics are included in the major elective curriculum. For instance, we provide courses in Digital Marketing, Designing Brands and Customer Experience, Event Marketing, Consumer Analytics, Social Media Marketing, etc. The curriculum is designed to meet the business needs derived from the modern digital age, in which the Internet definitely has a role in it. Throughout years of studies, students will be equipped with techniques for leveraging insights identified from Big Data analytics and seizing business opportunities. As for “i”, it stands for international and interactive with the industry, professors, students, and alumni. For further details regarding programme features, please refer to our programme brochure.

  • How is the chance for a marketing-major student to get internship, as well as exchange offer(s)?

CityU BBA Marketing owns and maintains an extensive alumni network. From time to time, the alumnae send in internship offers and the offers will then be disseminated via email to every marketing-major student in time. Students are welcomed to apply for whichever internship(s) that interest them.

Regarding the student exchange programme, CityU partners with over 200 host institutions around the world. Students are eligible to put in an application for going on a student exchange as long as they hold a CGPA of 2.5 or above and score 6.5 or above on average in the IELTS exams.

  • What are the career prospects for CityU BBA Marketing graduates?

Upon graduation, graduates pursue their careers in the field of marketing/sales, administration/management, banking/finance, customer services, entrepreneurship, public relations (PR), administration/management, advertising, civil services, etc. With reference to employment statistics of 2019 fresh graduates, they receive on average 2.1 job offers upon graduation and their average monthly wage is reported as $18145. More than 1/3 of graduates work in corporations/organizations with 1000+ employees.

  • What are the admission requirements of CityU BBA Marketing Programme for applications through Non-JUPAS?

There is no guarantee of admission at any CGPA for applications through Non-JUPAS. Applicants will receive invitation to admission interview as long as they fulfil any of the following requirements:

Admission to First-year Studies (JS1007)

For applicants who are currently in Year 1 studies of an Associate Degree, a High Diploma, or a Non-Business Bachelor Degree.

DSE Eng: Level 4 / Overall IELTS: 6.5 ; CGPA: 3.5
DSE Eng: Level 5 / Overall IELTS: 7.5 ; CGPA: 3.3
GCE AL predicted grades: 1A 1B 1C (in Year 1) (excluding Chinese)
IB: predicted overall 33 (Maths standard or above: 5 and Eng: 5)

Admission to Second-year Studies (1119A)(ASI)

For applicants who are currently in Year 2 studies of a High Diploma, an IB programme, AL, an Associate Degree (Non-business), or any associate degree programmes offered by Non-CC, CCCU, SPACE institutions, or in Year 1 studies of a Business Bachelor Degree

IB: predicted overall 34 (Maths standard or above: 5 and Eng: 5) (excluding Maths (Studies))
GCE AL predicted grades: 1A 2Bs (in Year 2) (excluding Chinese)
DSE Eng: Level 4 or Overall IELTS: 6.5 ; CGPA: 3.4
DSE Eng: Level 5 or Overall IELTS: 7.5 ; CGPA: 3.3
Non-local Mainland students: Overall IELTS: 6.5 ; CGPA: 3.7

Admission to Third-year Studies (1119A)(ASII)

For applicants who are currently has obtained an Associate Degree in Business in CCCU, CC, SPACE, or in Year 2 studies of a Business Bachelor Degree

DSE Eng: Level 4 or Overall IELTS: 6.5 ; CGPA: 3.4
DSE Eng: Level 5 / Overall IELTS: 7.5 ; CGPA: 3.3

Disclaimer: the requirements stated above are for reference only and are subject to change.