Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
Programs & Admissions
BBA Marketing for Cohort 2018 and thereafter


Major Marketing
Degree / Award Title Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Offering Academic Unit Department of Marketing
Mode of Study Full-time
Programme Structure
BBAU4 (Cohort 2018 and thereafter) - Detailed version, Simplified version
BBAU3 (Cohort 2018 and thereafter) - Detailed version, Simplified version
BBAU2 (Cohort 2019 and thereafter) - Detailed version, Simplified version

Aims of Major

  1. Equip students with business and marketing knowledge by application-oriented teaching at an internationally competitive level;
  2. Prepare students to adapt and contribute in various working environments in China and global markets;
  3. Enable students to integrate marketing knowledge and broader skills to solve real business problems for companies;
  4. Develop students' creative thinking, critical thinking and analytical ability;
  5. Enhance students' language and communication skills;
  6. Develop their leadership and teamwork ability;
  7. Nurture students with a careful balance of intellectual, vocational and practical constituents making them a person with an inquiry mind, independent thinking, good work attitude and self-confidence.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Major (MILOs)

  1. Analyze consumer behaviour – DEC-related Ability
  2. Assess marketing strategies – DEC-related Accomplishment
  3. Design marketing activities for the marketplaces – DEC-related Accomplishment

Degree Requirements

Category Normative 4-year
Advanced Standing I1 Advanced Standing II2
Gateway Education 30 credits 21 credits 12 credits
College requirements 42 credits 42 credits 21 credits
Major 30 credits 30 credits 30 credits
Minor Optional Optional Optional
Free electives Remainder to fulfill the credit requirement for graduation, if any
Minimum Graduation Requirement: 120 Credits 93 Credits 63 Credits
Maximum Credit Units Permitted: 144 Credits 114 Credits 84 Credits