Asia's first EMBA + MPA Launch

By Eric Collins

The College of Business is collaborating with the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University to offer Asia's first Executive MBA + Master of Public Administration programmes in the Belt-and-Road context.

“The EMBA + MPA transcends conventional knowledge silos,” says Professor Houmin Yan, Dean of the College of Business, CityU.

“We offer the exciting prospect of two master degrees from two elite universities, integrated with best-in-class learning and networking experience across public and private sectors.”

Designed in response to the increasing complexity of contemporary business issues, the programmes feature state-of-the-art knowledge on Public-Private Partnerships in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Belt-and-Road initiative.

“Our EMBA + MPA is connected to an impressive range of nations through China and the Belt-and-Road countries, and offers our learning partners wide-ranging networking opportunities across Europe and Asia,” says Professor Yan.

“EMBA + MPA is ideally positioned for executives operating in complex environments,” says Programme Director Dr Gang Hao.

“Our dynamic platform is designed to enable CEOs deliver effective leadership across the public and private sectors.”

Speaking at the launch ceremony in late August, Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, said it was a pleasure to embark on Asia's first EMBA + MPA with Tsinghua University.

“This strategic partnership offers a new and unique exchange platform for business management and public administration.”

Professor Yongheng Yang, Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University concluded, “This unique EMBA + MPA aims to nurture thoughtful leaders with global vision and innovation, who can eventually make valuable contributions to the sustainable development of society.”

"Business and Public Administration is an emerging trend. The Harvard MBA+MPA was a pioneering initiative. Now we are proud to offer Asia's first EMBA+MPA together with Tsinghua University"

Professor Houmin Yan

Accepting applications for 2019

EMBA + MPA is currently accepting applications from prospective learning partners for entry in Spring 2019.