College Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence Award

The recipient of the 2018 College Teaching Excellence Award is Mr Sunny Wong, Senior Teaching Fellow of the Department of Accountancy.

The CTEA Selection Committee commended this winning entry: “Mr Sunny Wong is a very experienced teacher and dedicated programme leader, contributing to students' transformation to accounting professionals at all stages. His effective teaching approaches (including interactive and case-based teaching, assessment and feedback system) help students to lay a solid knowledge base. His coordination of experiential learning activities, such as professional attachment and internship, complements academic learning, promotes self-discovery and fosters practical skills. Then, he provides advising and mentoring to guide students through to their professional journey. It is a well-deserved award for Sunny.”

Research Excellence Award

The recipient of the 2018 College Research Excellence Award is Dr Zhu Xindong, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accountancy.

The Selection Panel was favourably impressed by the high quality of work presented and commended the awardee for his overall research excellence: “The research excellence awardee of this year has very strong research achievements. He truly deserves this honour because of his significant contribution to world class research with publications in UTD and field top journals. We believe that his research will have a strong impact on his field and he will consistently generate high impact research in his career.”

A special note of thanks goes to our benefactor Jenny Chan for her generous donation which has made the establishment of these two college excellence awards possible