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Programme Name: Master of Science in Business and Data Analytics (Information Analytics Management Stream)
Programme Code: P84
Mode of programme: Combined
Normal duration: 1 year (Full-time)
  2 years (Part-time)
Source of funding: Non-Government Funded
  Minimum credits required: 30
Tuition fees: $7,600 per credit unit
Programme leader: Dr. Raymond Yiu Keung Lau
Contact at General Office:

Ms. Cecilia Li

Phone: +852 3442 8521



The MSc in Business and Data Analytics (Information Analytics Management stream) programme aims to cultivate students with professional knowledge of business data analytics through active learning of the theories, methods, supporting techniques across a wide range of knowledge areas such as big data management, data visualization, data mining, applied statistics, social media analytics, and analytics management.

The MScBDA programme shown on this website is related to the MScBDA Information Analytics Management (IAM) stream, which replaces the MScISM programme offered by the Department of Information Systems prior to 2020/2021.  

Potential applicants of the programme MSc BDA (IAM stream) are the graduates of:

  • accounting, economics and finance;
  • business, management, marketing and administration;
  • computer science and mathematics;
  • engineering;
  • education
  • communications and creative media

and whose career path has led them in the direction where business data analytics or analytics management has a significant role.

Programme Hightlights

  • Helping Bachelor degree holders of any disciplines to enter the Business Data Analytics profession
  • Students can join a free exchange programme (one semester - Sem A of Year 2) offered by partnering Northern America, Europe, or Asian universities 
  • Apart from coursework-based electives, students of the IAM stream can take a 3, 6, or 9 credits practical business data analytics projects

Programme Structure (for the 2023/24 Cohort or after​)

Core Courses (5 courses - 15 credits)

IS5413   Database Management Systems​  (3 credits, Sem B)
IS6941   Machine Learning and Social Media Analytics  (3 credits, Sem B)
IS6335   Data Visualization  (3 credits, Sem A)
MS5217  Statistical Data Analysis (3 credits, Sem A)
MS6711  Data Mining (3 credits, Sem B) 


Elective Courses (15 credits)

IAM Stream  (at least 9 credits from the following list)

IS5740   Management Support and Business Intelligence Systems​  (3 credits, Sem A)
IS6400   Business Data Analytics  (3 credits, Sem B)
IS6200   Blockchain Technology and Business Applications  (3 credits, Sem B)
IS5940   Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship  (3 credits, Summer)
IS5540   Project Management and Quality Assurance  (3 credits, Sem A)
IS5312   Analytical Programming with Python  (3 credits, Sem A)
IS6921   Knowledge Management  (3 credits, Sem B)
IS6912   Information Systems Project  (6 credits, Sem A and B)


The remaining 6 credits can be chosen from any postgraduate elective courses offered by any departments within CB. Some electives of the IS Department are as follows:  

IS6914  Information Analytics Management Project  (3 credits, Sem A or B) 
IS5238  Business Practice Internship  (3 credits, Sem A or B or Summer) 
IS5311  JAVA Programming for Business Applications  (3 credits, Sem B) 


Bachelor degree holders from any disciplines with the curricula covering appropriate mathematical knowledge (e.g., statistics or discrete mathematics). [...]
This programme aims to cultivate students with professional knowledge of business data analytics through active learning of the theories, methods, supporting techniques across a wide range of knowledge areas such as applied statistics, big data management, data mining, and social media analytics. [...]
Database management, Machine Learning and social media analytics, Data Visualization, Statistical data analysis and modelling, Data mining [...]
Students are advised to take one of the two specialization streams  [...]
Tuition fees: $7,400 per credit unit [...]

The following courses are eligible for applying subsidy from CEF and each applicant may receive up to HK$10,000 [...]

Managers (Business, Project, IT, etc), Business Analysts, Data Analysts, BI Consultants, [...]
Q. Can I get the detailed syllabus of various courses in the programme?
Q. Are the courses in the programme are very technical?
Q. What is the process for obtaining credit transfer for courses completed?
Q. Can I complete the programme in 1 year by studying full-time? [...]
Our Graduates
See what our graduates say about the MSc BDA program

The program has a solid and well-integrated curriculum which allows me to develop a high level of mastery in a broad mix of technology-related topics [...]


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