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CB holds luncheon with PhD students

The College held a luncheon gathering for PhD students from all six of the College’s departments to share and exchange their study, research and job hunting experience at Academic 3 on 10th March.

The event attracted over 50 PhD students and faculty. Prof Houman Yan, Dean of the College, and Prof Kelvin Yau, Associate Dean of the College, jointly welcomed the students in the opening address. Prof Yan also congratulated Mr Ke Wang, a PhD student and Research Assistant of the Department of Accountancy, for receiving a job offer as Assistant Professor in the University of Alberta.

Mr Wang was invited to share his tips for successful job hunting. He said, “Hardworking is an essential element that contributes to every success. Secondly, language is also a key factor. Possessing good proficiency in both written and spoken English can help you communicate with people efficiently. Lastly, we need to get early exposure to the North American markets by attending conferences."

“I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof Jeong Bon Kim, Head of the Department of Accountancy, and my co-advisor Dr Liandong Zhang, Associate Professor of the Department of Accountancy. Prof Kim always treats PhD students like his top priority, and his seriousness and success in academic research is a role model for me. He also gave lots of room for me to conduct the research independently and encouraged me to generate research topics that I found interesting. Dr Zhang gave many suggestions in preparing my paper from different angles. To me, they are not only my advisors, but also lifelong friends." Mr Wang added.