College of Business
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Directors & Programme Leaders

CB Executive Development (International Programmes) Dr. YAN Mingping Yanni Email 34427974
CB CB Shenzhen Research Institute Centre Prof. CHEN Ziguang Email 34427966
CB DBA Prof. OZER Muammer Email 34427852
CB DBA (International) Prof. YANG Haibin Email 34427857
CB DBA (Chinese) Prof. SU Chenting Email 34424951
CB EMBA Dr. WONG Chak Sham Michael Email 34427248
CB EMBA (Chinese) Prof. DOU Wenyu Email 34427004
CB EMBA+MPA Dr. HAO Gang (Co-director) Email 34428403
Prof. YU Wayne (Co-director) Email 34422866
CB MBA Prof. CHIANG Kevin Email 34428676
CB Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Prof. LIU Guangwu Email 34428304
AC MA International Accounting Dr. ZHENG Liu Email 34427928
AC MSc Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance Dr. WANG Zheng Email 34425204
EF MSc Applied Economics Dr. KWAN Yum Keung Fred Email 34427578
EF MSc Finance Dr. WU Xueping Email 34427577
EF MSc Financial Engineering Prof. LI Tao Email 34427243
IS MSc Business Information Systems Prof. FENG Juan Email 34429959
Stream A (P05A) and Stream B (P05B) Prof. FANG Yulin Email 34427492
IS MSc Electronic Business and Knowledge Management Prof. DAVISON Robert Email 34427534
IS MSc Electronic Commerce Ms. BANDYOPADHYAY R. Email 34424689
Dr. CHAN W K (CS Department) Email 34429684
IS MSc Information Systems Management Prof. LIAO Shaoyi Stephen Email 34427552
Dr. LAU Yiu Keung Raymond Email 34428495
MGT MA Global Business Management Prof. CHEN Ziguang Email 34427966
MGT MSc Organizational Management Dr. HEMPEL Paul Email 34427853
MKT MSc Marketing Dr. John LEUNG Wai Keung Email 34428391
MS MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management Dr. YU Yimin Email 34424781
MS MA Quantitative Analysis for Business Dr. TSE Siu Keung Email 34428578
IS & MS MSc Business and Data Analytics Dr. LAU Yiu Keung Raymond Email 34428495
Prof. WAN Tze-Kin Alan Email 34427146
CB 1st Year Teaching and Learning Dr. CHAN Andrew Email 34426208
CB BBA Global Business Dr. LAM Chak Fu Email 34427954
Dr. DONG Chuoyan Maggie
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34425754
Mr LEUNG Hon Wing
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34422404
CB BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology Prof. LI Tao Email 34427243
Dr. FENG Gavin
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34428346
Dr. LEUNG Chun Man Alvin
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34428497
Mr. LEUNG Hon Wing
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34422404
AC BBA Accountancy Mr. WONG Sunny Email 34427855
Dr. XIN Xiangang
(Deputy Programme Leader)
Email 34427919
EF Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for EF Department Prof. WANG Junbo Email 34429492
EF BBA Business Economics Dr. HAN Xu Email 34426130
EF BBA Finance Dr. HUANG Qianqian Email 34426146
IS Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Dr. XU David Email 34428530
IS BBA Global Business Systems Management Dr Ron KWOK Email 34429599
Ms. LAU Tania (Deputy) Email 34428522
IS BBA Information Management Dr. XU David Email 34428530
Mr. CHUNG Albert (Deputy) Email 34428523
Mrs. BANDYOPADHYAY Rupa (Deputy) Email 34424689
Ms. YU Janet (Deputy) Email 34427542
MGT BBA Management Dr. KWAN Andy Email 34429690
MKT BBA Marketing Dr. FOK Vincent Email 34427973
MS Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for MS Department Dr. TSO Geoffrey Email 34428568
MS BBA Business Analysis Dr. YEUNG Iris Email 34428566
MS BBA Business Operations Management Dr. SHUM Stephen Email 34428571