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Department of Accountancy

The Department of Accountancy has acquired a leadership position in accounting education, professional training and accounting research in Hong Kong. The Department was established in 1984 to prepare undergraduate students for professional accountancy and company secretaryship. This original purpose has since been changed and augmented with a substantial research endeavour, the introduction of unique interdisciplinary programmes and postgraduate programmes.

The Department provides state of the art accounting education with a professional emphasis. By forging close links with the accounting profession and business community in Hong Kong, the Department has attuned its mission in accounting education and research to the requirements of the marketplace. Its educational expertise embraces the primary fields of professional accountancy - financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation and financial management. Special attention is given to the international dimensions of accounting, auditing and taxation, including the relevant systems in the Chinese mainland.

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Department of Economics & Finance

The Department of Economics and Finance provides solid training in both the theory and application of economics and finance. The Department aims to train graduates with cutting-edge knowledge in modern economics and finance, and to provide Hong Kong with the young financial executives, economists and business analysts that it needs. The mission of the Department is to be a centre of excellence in research and teaching, using economics and finance for business and public sector decision making in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and other Asia-Pacific economies.

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Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems (IS) offers internationally competitive, high value-added professional education. In a short period the IS Department has grown to become one of the largest and best equipped in the world, currently with over 400 students pursuing bachelors degrees, over 300 pursuing taught masters and over 30 pursuing research degrees in Information Systems. The Department was recently ranked among the top 5 departments in the world for research output (CAIS, 2005). In addition to its own degree programmes at the bachelors honours, masters and doctorate levels, the IS Department is also a contributor to several other programmes, including the college-run MBA, EMBA and DBA. The departmental focus is on the innovative and effective design, use and management of information systems in organisations and society. The IS Department is highly dynamic and provides a harmonious working environment for its vibrant international faculty. It has earned community wide recognition by producing highly qualified graduates to meet Hong Kong's ever growing IT needs.

The department employs over 30 full-time faculty members, including four chair professors and ten University Teaching Excellence Award winners. In addition, the department currently has 3 AIS Fellows of the 5 in the Asia Pacific Region. Our faculty members are serving, or have served, on the editorial boards of top IS journals like MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Journal of AIS, among others.

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Department of Management

The Department of Management offers the sub-disciplines of international business, strategy, organisational behaviour and human resource management. Staff in the Department continually interact with business leaders to ensure that the Department's programmes are servicing Hong Kong's business needs. The Department of Management seeks to offer innovative research and management education programmes that develop graduates with the knowledge, skills and social awareness that they will need to be productive managers and responsible citizens.

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Department of Management Sciences

Management Sciences are the technologies of scientific methods, which provide a quantitative basis for forecasting, planning, management and decision making in many business operations. The Department of Management Sciences is noted for its strong academic programmes. Most of the staff obtained their doctoral degrees from prominent universities in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Together, they have many years of local and overseas experience in teaching and consulting. The size and the activities of its staff have made the Department one of the largest in management sciences in the Asia-Pacific region. The Department has three main functions: teaching, research and professional services. In all three areas, the work carried out is business oriented, with an emphasis on the practical application of quantitative skills.

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Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing aspires to be internationally recognised as a leading academic force in training future marketing professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. The distinctive features of the department include:

  • We are student and learning centred.
  • We focus on professional excellence.
  • We emphasise both breadth (regional and global knowledge, language proficiency, communication skills, interactive digital media knowledge and creative thinking) and depth (problem-solving capability, subject-area knowledge and effective decision-making tools) in marketing education.
  • We care about the whole person development of our students.
  • We aim to develop mature and all around business professionals with exposure to other disciplines and with a strong sense of social responsibility.

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