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Recent SCI/SSCI/UTD Publications

* Showing list of papers which are published/reported since year 2018. A maximum of 5 per staff.

liyiyan Dr. Yiyan Stella LI
Assistant Professor
  • Chan, Kimmy Wa, Stella Yiyan Li, and John Jianjun Zhu (January 2018), "Good to Be Novel? Understanding How Idea Feasibility Affects Idea Adoption Decision Making in Crowdsourcing", accepted by Journal of Interactive Marketing, equal contribution, forthcoming.

juafeng Prof. Juan FENG

xianhuhu Dr. Audrey HU
Associate Professor
  • Hu, Audrey, Steven A. Matthews, and Liang Zou (May 2018), "English Auctions with Ensuing Risks and Heterogeneous Bidders", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 76, 33-44.

youhchen Prof. Youhua Frank CHEN
Head (MS)
Chair Professor
  • Quan Yuan, Youhua Frank Chen, Jian Yang, Yun Zhou (March 2018), "Joint Control of Emissions Permit Trading and Production Involving Fixed and Variable Transaction Costs", Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming:

jwang2 Prof. Junbo WANG
  • Xiaoling Zhong and Junbo Wang (March 2018), "Prospect Theory and Corporate Bond Returns: An Empirical Study", Journal of Empirical Finance, Forthcoming.

yoojuahn Dr. Yoojung AHN
Assistant Professor
  • Tarakci, M., Ateş, N. Y., Floyd, S. W., Ahn, Y., & Wooldridge, B. (January 2018), "Performance Feedback and Middle Managers’ Divergent Strategic Behavior: The Roles of Social Comparisons and Organizational Identification", Strategic Management Journal, 1-24.

taoli3 Prof. Tao LI
  • Kerry Back, Pierre Collin-Dufresne, Vyacheslav Fos, Tao Li, Alexander Ljungqvist (2018), "Activism, Strategic Trading, and Liquidity", accepted by Econometrica, forthcoming.

weityue Dr. Wei Thoo YUE
Associate Head (IS)
Associate Professor
  • Wei T. Yue, Qiuhong Wang and Kai-Lung Hui (2018), "See No Evil, Hear No Evil? Dissecting the Impact of Online Hacker Forums", accepted by MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

yiminyu Dr. Yimin YU
Associate Professor
  • L. Bao, Z. Liu, Y. Yu, W Zhang (2018), "On the Decomposition Property for a Dynamic Inventory Rationing Problem with Multiple Demand Classes and Backorder", European Journal of Operational Research, 265, 1, 99-106.

zwang22 Dr. Zheng WANG
Associate Professor
  • T.T. Chiu, J.B. Kim and Z.Wang (2018), "Customers' Risk Factor Disclosures and Suppliers' Investment Efficiency", accepted by Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.

xuanstam Dr. Xuan Song TAM
Assistant Professor
  • Kartik Athreya, Juan Sanchez, Xuan Tam, and Eric Young (2018), "Bankruptcy and Delinquency in a Model of Unsecured Debt", accepted by International Economic Review, forthcoming.

yixuxiao Dr. Yixuan XIAO
Assistant Professor
  • Kouvelis, P., Xiao, Y. and Yang,.N. (2018), "Drug Pricing for Competing Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Distributing through a Common PBM", accepted by Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

haibin Prof. Haibin YANG
Acting Head (MGT)
  • Yang, H., Dess, G., & Robins, J. (2018), "Does entrepreneurial orientation always pay off? The roles of resource mobilization within and across organizations", accepted by Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Su, Z., & Yang, H. (2018), "Managerial ties and exploratory innovation: An opportunity-motivation-ability perspective", accepted by IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, forthcoming.
  • Cui, V., Yang, H., & Vertinsky, I. (2018), "Attacking your partners: Strategic alliances and competition between partners in product markets.", accepted by Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Xia, J., Wang, Y., Lin, Y., Yang, H., & Li, S. (2018), "Alliance Formation in Midst of Market and Network: Insights from Resource Dependence and Network Perspectives", accepted by Journal of Management, forthcoming.

ylfang Prof. Yulin FANG
  • Fang, Y., Lim, K., Qian, Y., Feng, B. (2018), "System Dynamics Modeling for Information Systems Research - Theory Development and Practical Application", accepted by MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Qureshi, I., Fang., Y. Compeau, D., Haggerty, N., Zhang, XJ (2018), "IT‐mediated social interactions and knowledge sharing: Role of competence‐based trust and background heterogeneity", accepted by Information Systems Journal, forthcoming.

jeongkim Prof. Jeong Bon KIM
Head (AC)
Chair Professor of Accountancy
  • Chen, D., J.-B. Kim, O. Z. Li and S. Liang, "China’s Closed Pyramidal Managerial Labor Market and the Stock Price Crash Risk", accepted by The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
  • Kim, J.-B., B. Song and T.C. Stratopoulos, "Does Information Technology Reputation Affect Bank Loan Terms?", accepted by The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
  • Chiu, T.-T., Y. Guan and J.-B. Kim, "Effect of Risk Factor Disclosures on the Pricing of Credit Default Swaps.", accepted by Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Chiu, T. T., J.-B. Kim, and Z. Wang "Effect of Customers’ Risk Factor Disclosures on Suppliers’ Investment Efficiency", accepted by Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Kim, J.-B., I. Yeung and J. Zhou, "Stock Price Crash Risk and Internal Control Weakness: Presence versus Disclosure Effect", accepted by Accounting and Finance, (In Press), forthcoming.

davidxu Dr. Jingjun David XU
Associate Professor
  • Xu DJ, I Benbasat, RT Cenfetelli "A Two-Stage Model of Generating Product Advice: Proposing and Testing the Complementarity Principle", accepted by Journal of Management Information Systems, forthcoming.

iskl Prof. Kai H. LIM
Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Information Technology Innovation and Management
  • Ho, S.Y., and Lim, K.H. "Nudging Moods to Induce Unplanned Purchases in Imperfect Mobile Personalization Contexts: The Pivotal Role of Mood", accepted by MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Fang, Y., Lim, K.H., and Qian, Y. "System Dynamics Modeling – The Case of E-commerce Resource Endowment and Firm Sustainable Performance,", accepted by MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.