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CEO Forum explores leadership and management from historical perspectives 

The College of Business has invited Dr David Pang, the Chief Executive Officer of Kerry Group Kuok Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited, the Chairman of South China Morning Post and the Director of Kerry Holdings Limited, to share on the topic: On Leadership and Management – Inspirations from the Golden Age of the Han and Tang Dynasties (領導與管理---漢唐盛世明君良臣給我們帶來的啟示). The CEO Forum took place on 7th March, attracting more than 60 students, alumni and guests to participate.

Dr Pang is an experienced businessman with strong background in engineering and academia.  He previously held senior management positions in multinational corporations and taught at universities in North America and Asia. Dr Pang shared his insights in leadership and managing companies effectively.  The forum ended with an interactive feedback session with the audience.

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