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Entrepreneur Castiel Kie reveals his success story to CityU students

The Tea Gathering of Innopreneurs’ Friday was jointly organised by the Innovation Commons and the CityU Apps Lab. The sharing session was one of the themed events under the CityU Entrepreneur Week organised by the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education. This initiative aimed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the campus through series of events such as conference, exhibition and skills workshop, etc.

Mr Castiel Kie Kwun-ping, young alumnus graduated from the Department of Marketing in 2014 with a BBA in China Business, shared his experiences of running start-ups. Castiel is currently the co-founder of All-in-One and the CEO of HK IT Tutor Web, utilising online channels for new business.   

Castiel said, “I started my first business, selling baseball jackets, during the exchange study in Beijing. Since then, I have developed passion in running my own business.”

He shared on both successes and failures in doing start-ups, and believed that it is much easier to run a business with a team than to work solitarily.  

“Humanity and compassion are important in teamwork. We need to give understanding and trust to our partners, and not only concern about self-interests.”

“Working on a common goal together, with genuine communications and contributions from all partners, will make your teams succeed eventually,” he concluded.

Castiel and two partners previously took a HK$100,000 grant from the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund to operate their start up project – All-in-One, an online platform that allows insurance agencies to promote their business products. He is hopeful that this service would foster more business between insurance agents and potential customers.

Also presented during the sharing session was seasoned entrepreneur Mr Paul Lee, co-inventor of Aumeo™ and co-founder & CEO of Aumeo Audio. Mr Lee talked about how effective digital marketing strategies and crowdfunding could be beneficial to entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

The CityU Entrepreneur Week took place in the campus from 17th to 27th May, for more information about the event, please click here.