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A data discovery experience – training workshop for Watson Analytics

Mr Alan Fong, Analytics Client Architect of IBM, introduced the Watson Analytics in a training workshop to the College’s faculty on 3rd February. In the session, an overview of the analytic tool was presented, followed by a discussion and hands-on practice for faculty members to familiarize the product features.

Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis tool and visualization service that can quickly discover patterns and meaning of the data. It greatly helps in spotting a trend quickly and visualizing the report data into compelling infographics, and etc. It is hoped that the new tool could help to support teaching and research development, and student learning more effectively. 

In late 2015, CityU and IBM agreed on a collaboration to establish the Center for Business Analytics with software donated by IBM. The center aims to enhance CityU’s Research and Development capabilities, support the University’s curriculum and talent development, and build a healthy eco-system between the University and the industry in big data and analytics.

To learn more about the IBM Center for Business Analytics, please click here.