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EMBA CEO Forum by Mr. Julian Yu

The College of Business was honored to have Mr. Julian YU (俞健年先生), Managing Director (Financial Services), Greater China of Ernst & Young Asia-Pacific Limited as guest speaker at the CEO Forum organized by the EMBA programme on Saturday 7th December.  

The topic of the forum was The position of Hong Kong in establishing an effective communication channel with Chinese officials 如何與中國政府官員打交道香港的定位.  Mr. YU was pleased to share his years of experience and techniques in building a relationship and communication platform with Chinese officials.  He also gave his insights on the position and development of Hong Kong as it builds a closer connection with mainland China.  

Mr. YU summarized his presentation as an advice to students to “know yourself and your partner thoroughly, seek common goals and strive for achievement 知彼知己, 求同謀進” when working with the Chinese government.  By knowing the cultural background and aligning your company’s strategies with those of the policies of the China government the chances of success could increase dramatically.  Tactics and skilful communication were also significant factors in contributing to success.

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