CB recognises research and teaching excellence

Each year the College of Business recognises a number of faculty for their achievements in research and teaching. This year the College was delighted to recognise the work of our outstanding faculty:

College Research Excellence Award

Dr Ye LU

The College strives to produce innovative and relevant applied research that enriches the understanding and practice of business. The recipient of the College Research Excellence Award 2015 is Dr Ye Lu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Sciences:

"Dr Ye LU has made a significant contribution to research with a substantial number of top-tier journal papers published in the past three years. Despite such a short time frame, his works have already demonstrated a significant impact on their respective fields."

College Teaching Excellence Award

Dr Andy Kwan

The College is committed to fostering a culture of teaching excellence as well as a caring learning environment. The recipient of the College Teaching Excellence Award 2015 is Dr Andy Kwan, Instructor I in the Department of Management:

"Dr Kwan continuously seeks professional development to improve himself and transfer newly acquired skills and knowledge into his teaching. He actively supports the development of students through well thought-out activities both inside and outside of the classroom, and has made solid contributions to the building of the discovery-enriched curriculum, drawing resources from the University's Teaching Development Grant."

Faculty Development Awards (MBA/EMBA)

The Faculty Development Award scheme has been established to recognize dedicated staff members who promote innovations to enhance the quality of teaching and learning for the MBA/EMBA programmes. The following colleagues were recognised this year:

Professor Kai Lim

Professor Kai Lim, Department of Information Systems – in recognition of his excellent performance, especially his contagious enthusiasm and commitment in motivating and inspiring students to learn, as well as his caring and supportive approach in encouraging students in the codiscovery of knowledge.

Professor Maris Martinsons

Professor Maris Martinsons, Department of Management – in recognition of his excellent performance, in particular his continuous efforts in maintaining high standards in teaching. His contributions to developing relevant business cases were also commended.

Professor Chenting Su

Professor Chenting Su, Department of Marketing – in recognition of his excellent performance in the newly launched EMBA (Chinese) programme and efforts in developing new course materials and teaching approaches geared to motivate and enhance learning of students who are mainly senior executives from the mainland.

A special note of thanks goes to our benefactors for their generous donations: Jenny Chan for supporting the Research and Teaching Excellence Awards, and the EMBA Association for supporting the Faculty Development Award.