Going places! The Accountancy internship programme

Department of Accountancy students are on the move. In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, 164 internship places were available this year, that's over two thirds of the BBA Accountancy cohort. And our AC students are out to make the most of their opportunities:

"The internship was an eye-opener," said Cindy Chau, a PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong intern. "I learned about operations like minmetal trading, electronic equipment sales, etc. Although I didn't have much practical knowledge at the beginning, I learned to be more professional and adaptive to changing environments."

An AC Internship: Potential to Professional event was set up in March to showcase interns' work and their takeaways in the form of videos, storybooks, and posters.

"We aim to inspire our students, to give them insight into real business practice, so they can prepare themselves further for the challenges ahead," said Professor Cheong-heon Yi, Acting Head of the Department of Accountancy.

Three students were selected as Best Interns based on evaluations conducted by both employers and the department:

  • Cindy Chau Ka-yee
  • Renix Luk Wai-yin
  • Cindy Wong Man-ching
From left: AC Instructor Miss Yvonne Chan, Best Interns Cindy Wong, Cindy Chau, Renix Luk, and Assistant Professor Dr Raymond Wong

For further details of the programme: