On the move

More College of Business departments are enjoying the excellent facilities in the multiple award winning AC3 Building! This summer it has been the turn of the Department of Management who moved to the 11th floor in June, and the Department of Marketing who since July are to be found on the 10th floor. To date, AC3 has received a total of six awards for its green philosophy and aesthetic design, and three CB departments as well as the CB office are now located in this stunning building.

CB is also pleased to announce changes and additions to its Management Team:

Professor Wayne Yu, of the Department of Accountancy and Department of Economics and Finance, has been serving as Assistant Dean (Executive Education) since March 2015, and is tasked with supporting CB's performance in our international programmes and further establishing executive education training with the business community.

We have new leadership for our PhD Programme. Dr Ye Lu, of the Department of Management Sciences, was appointed Director of the PhD Programme in March, and will work towards the further growth of the programme, including recruitment, student mentoring, course coordination, and placement and mentoring services.

Professor William Wan, of the Department of Management, has taken up the position of Associate Dean (Research & Faculty) from July, and is building on the excellent work put in place by Professor Kelvin Yau, as we take our research effort to the next level.

Lastly, the College has established a new Assistant Deanship (Career Services) to steer the College career services, and Dr Ron Kwok, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems, has taken up this position from August to provide leadership in our career services development.