Research Snapshots

Good leadership: The benefits

Leadership is a hot topic, particularly in the Chinese context. Dr Jane Yang and Dr Ho-ying Fu, both from the Department of Management, have produced a timely study on the beneficial effects of authentic leadership. Drawing on attribution processes of self-disclosure, they propose that authentic leaders engaging in self-disclosure practices build trust amongst those who work for them. They also look at how authentic leadership influences highly traditional Chinese employees, and suggest that these positive effects are strengthened, especially when leaders practice interactional justice. That in turn relates positively to employees' in-role performance, creativity, and organisational citizenship behaviour.

Read more:
Li, Fangjun, Kuo Frank Yu, Jixia Yang, Zhenjiang Qi, and Jeanne Ho-ying Fu. "Authentic Leadership, Traditionality, and Interactional Justice in the Chinese Context." Management and Organization Review 10.2 (2014): 249-273. Print.