2020 Virtual Crypto Forum

The College of Business joined hands with the School of Data Science to host the online "2020 Virtual Crypto Forum: The Role of Cryptocurrency – Blockchain in the Post-Pandemic World" on 16 June 2020. The event was co-organised by College of Business, School of Data Science, GOSS Institute of Research Limited, Crypto Review and B2 Fintech School, and was supported by the EMBA office of the College of Business.

Responding to the global discussion on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the one-day 2020 Virtual Crypto Forum featured 15 presentations on the development and application of currency and blockchain integration, and their social and economic significances in the post-pandemic world.

In his welcome address, CityU President Professor Way Kuo said, "This year is a very exciting year with great uncertainty. Technologies have been helping us a lot in our daily lives in an economic world and also from a social community aspect."

"CityU has one of the strongest engineering technology programmes and business programmes. We hope to join the 300 participants from all around the world in the conference today, to make positive impacts on the development and application of blockchain and cryptocurrency for a fair, secure and more efficient community."

The speakers were leading scholars or senior industry experts from around the globe including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the US and France. Topics covered included designing stable coins, the essence of blockchain in machine trust, "softness" and "hardness" of blockchain, user-centric verifiable credential, payment tools, cybersecurity and privacy in FinTech, digital RMB and more.

The organising committee of the forum comprised Professor Houmin Yan, Acting Dean, College of Business; Professor Joe Qin, Dean, School of Data Science; Dr Michael Wong, EMBA Programme Director and Associate Professor of Finance; Dr Zhong Zhang, Editor-in-Chief, Crypto Review, Professor QJ Gao, President, GOSS Institute of Research; and Mr Dadu Lee, B2 Fintech School.