Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Academic Arrangement

  • For Applicants:
    • Applicants should not plan to finish all their graduation required credits of their Bachelor Degree Programmes prior to their exchange study.
    • Applicants should make sure their choices of university offer their major of study in particulars when they plan to study abroad in their final year. Please check the "Course Information" available in the "List of Universities" for each university (Login EID is required).
    • To fill in the application form, applicants are not required to seek the approval of courses from their major leader but make their study plan on what courses they will take in overseas with reference to their DegreeWorks in AIMS and what skills they intend to learn in overseas.
  • For Selected Students:
    • Students would be registered as not-for-degree visiting or exchange students in the overseas universities.
    • Students should attend "Briefing Session for Course Plan" after they receive an offer to understand the appropriate procedures to make credit transfer request. Details can be found in the Application Schedule.
    • All credits earned overseas would be transferable to CityU to fulfill their graduate required credits and students should not finish all the required credits of their Bachelor Degree Programmes prior to their exchange studies.
    • Students have to take at least four courses relevant to their College Core, College Electives, Majors, Major Electives, Gateway Education, Minors and Free Electives enrolled in CityU and request for transferring credits to fulfill their graduation required credits towards their Bachelor Degree programmes.
    • Courses selected must be approved by the Major Leaders (major programmes) or Minor Advisors (minor programmes) or Teaching Departments (e.g. Gateway Education outside CB departments) and the overseas universities.
    • Students should not finish all their required graduation credits prior to their exchange study.
    • After finishing the exchange study, students will receive their transcript from the overseas universities. In the transcript of CityU, their exchange period and name of target university will be listed with all the transferred credits which accepted by the university.
    • Failure of two or more courses will automatically trigger notification to student's Head of Department and Major Leader.
    • Students must return to CityU on completion of the exchange period (unless they are BBAU3 or BBAU2 students who study abroad in their final semester but their expected date of graduation will be Summer)