Exchange Programme
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Study Period

Hannah Lu Schmitt | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Hong Kong: modern skyscraper, authentic restaurant or busy bar?

Skyscrapers, Dim Sum, Cocktails and Typhoons. My exchange semester in Hong Kong has developed into a diverse set of impressions.

Both university life and city life merge into a picture of analogies and paradoxes. In the morning, I’m packing a cozy woollen sweater to put on for several hours under the AC at Run Run Shaw Library and in the CityU classrooms. Around 2 o’clock, the big decision comes: Which canteen to have lunch at? You can choose among traditional Chinese food, Thai and Vietnamese dishes as well as Western options (sometimes the Asian edition of Western food). If you are a coffee lover, the afternoon study break session will include a small walk to Coffee Academics, whereas everyone else would opt for the...
Louise Buhl | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
3 words: Challenging, interesting, enjoyable!

My exchange journey so far has been challenging, interesting and enjoyable. Challenging in terms of adapting to local culture and customs, as well as figuring out the administrative system of CityU, finding safe and reasonably priced off-campus accommodation and trying to create an everyday- life without loosing focus on schoolwork. Interesting because of the intensity and fast-paced city that Hong Kong is making it a great place for exploring; both in the city itself as well as its beautiful nature surrounding it. Highly enjoyable due to the amazing people that I have met along the way; both locals and other exchange students, making it easy to get a sense of belongingness in a place very far from home. All in all, I am very happy to have ch...
Pauline Kersjes | Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Asia Travels

Hong Kong’s wonderful location was one of the main reasons I chose it as a destination for my semester abroad. It is so central in Asia that a lot of exchange students, including me, got the chance to travel to more cities than we could have ever hoped for. Plane tickets are incredibly cheap compared to tickets from Europe to Asia, so of course I took my chances as well.

Recommended by many locals, I took the trip to Macao in only my second week of the semester. A wonderful experience with many fantastic hotels, casinos, clubs and regrets the day after…

A couple of weeks later, I got to experience local life in Guangzhou. A friend of mine has a family there and were so kind to invite us to their home. A wonderful opportunity to experience the actual Chinese life i...
Levi Nijenhuis | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hong Kong: more than just a city

Drained in sweat and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless view of skyscrapers, I arrived at Hong Kong station after 11 hours of flight. Wandering through the streets and alleys, I noticed the buzzy and lively atmosphere of Hong Kong: hundreds of people walking in all directions, busy with their everyday life, whether they were talking on their phone to complete a business deal or just selling food. There are always people around you, wherever you go to in this amazing city. If you think Hong Kong is just a busy business hub, you will be surprised how relaxing and convenient some places in Hong Kong are. You can just quickly go to Victoria Harbor with subway and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong Island, or head to Victoria Park to take a good ...
Franziska Gerwing | University of Mannheim, Germany
My Exchange Life at CityU

Going abroad is an exciting time and most likely even the best time at all of my undergraduate studies, especially here in Hong Kong at City University where there are just so many things to do! So what exactly is making my stay at CityU and in Hong Kong so exciting?

Hong Kong was my first choice as destination for my exchange semester, as I never have been here before and Hong Kong is basically a city that offers you everything: mountains, beaches, skyscrapers, temples… And so far I definitely haven’t been disappointed. I really like the great mix of nature and city, despite being in a very large and busy city, it is just so easy to escape the noise of it within an hour and to explore the nature.

What I love most about Hong Kong is just the wide choi...
Ruth Ameku | Aston University, United Kingdom
From an International Student to a Local Resident

Mid-Autumn Festival While living in Hong Kong, I have had the privilege to experience the delightful Mid-Autumn Festival. This was a great opportunity to see Hong Kong in all of its glory. I experienced more great food, particularly the traditional ‘moon cakes’ which is eaten predominantly during the festival. And also watch the brightly colored dragons as they danced and pranced on the stage to the floor for entertainment. What a magnificent sight. Unique Architecture In regards to the landscapes, Hong Kong has very colorful buildings. I admire their ability to bring life to an area just by adding a little color. This is very unique. These colorful buildings have the ability to make, what would be considered a very mediocre standard...
Ruth Ameku | Aston University, United Kingdom
Life Through My Lens

The Views Personally, I can truly appreciate the night-lights in Hong Kong. The daily light shows by Victoria Harbor, and the night skyline; that can be seen from almost any tall building. These lights paint the sky with very vivid and vibrant colors. The lights also reflect onto the Harbor and creates a very cinematic feel to any traveler. Simply beautiful.

Culture and Cuisine

Upon memory, a study placement has by far been one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far. I recall the day I was informed I was coming here. Excited quickly became an understatement. As I have arrived and truly immersed myself in the culture. I find that Hong Kong is by far one of the most interesting cities I have been too so far. Both rich in culture and cuisine. The city does not onl...