Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Tentative Course Offered List of Semester B, 2023/24

Department of Accountancy

Course Code Course Title
CB2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting 
CB2101 Introduction to Management Accounting
CB3041 Financial Statement Analysis
AC3202 Corporate Accounting I
AC4301 Corporate Accounting II
AC4303 Advanced Financial Accounting
AC4342 Auditing
AC4382 Contemporary Accounting and Business Issues: Global Perspectives
AC4391 Accounting and Business Ethics
GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society

Department of Economics and Finance

Course Code Course Title
CB2041 Applications of Game Theory to Business
CB2400 Micro-Economics
CB2402 Macro-Economics
CB3044 Introduction to Financial Markets
CB3410 Financial Management
EF3320 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
EF3331 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets & Standards of Practice
EF3333 Financial Systems, Markets and Instruments
EF3441 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EF3442 Intermediate Microeconomics
EF3450 Principles of Econometrics
EF4312 Mergers and Acquisitions
EF4313 Corporate Finance
EF4314 Corporate Valuation
EF4327 Fixed Income Securities
EF4331 International Finance and Banking
EF4471 International Finance
EF4480 Industrial Organization
EF4484 Economic Strategy and Game Theory
EF4822 Financial Econometrics
GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance
GE1205 Green Economics

Department of Information Systems

Course Code Course Title
CB2240 Introduction to Business Programming in Python
CB2500 Information Management
CB2021 Big Data Management
CB2022 Business Programming with Spreadsheet
CB2023 Mobile Application for Business
IS2505 e-Business
IS3100 Techniques for Big Data
IS3101 Blockchain and Digital Currency
IS3430 Systems Analysis and Design
IS4133 Cloud Computing and Services
IS4246 Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
IS4335 Data Visualization
IS4537 Information Systems Audit
IS4538 O2O Services
IS4543 Risk Management and Information Systems Control
IS4632 Global Business Systems Strategy and Tactical Management
IS4636 Business Process and Service Management
IS4650 Global Business Technology Consulting
IS4920 FinTech Capstone Project - Yearly-long course
IS4940 Global Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Department of Marketing

Course Code Course Title
CB2601 Marketing
CB3601 Global Perspectives on Contemporary Issues
MKT3601 China Business Environment
MKT3602 Marketing Research
MKT3603 Consumer Behaviour
MKT3608 Marketing Intelligence and Applications of Analytics
MKT4606 Strategic Marketing
MKT4622 Services Marketing
MKT4633 Cultural Advertising
MKT4634 Fundamentals of Public Relations
MKT4636 Customer Analytics
MKT4637 Event Marketing
MKT4650 Designing Brands and Customer Experience
GE2248 Understanding Persuasion in Everyday Life

Department of Management

Course Code Course Title
CB2300 Management
CB3043 Business Case Analysis and Communication
CB4303 Strategy and Policy
MGT3307 Employment Law and Practices
MGT3422 Product and Service Innovation Management
MGT4305 Developing and Presenting a Business Plan
MGT4306 Performance & Compensation Management
MGT4308 Staffing
MGT4311 Advanced Strategic Analysis
MGT4312 Launching Business in Asia Pacific
MGT4313 Strategic Entrepreneurship

Department of Management Sciences

Course Code Course Title
CB2011 Solving Business Problems with Spreadsheet Modelling
CB2200 Business Statistics
CB2201 Operations Management
CB3021 Business Discovery Methods
MS3111 Quantitative Business Analysis with Visual Basic for Applications
MS3123 Workshop on Operations Management Practices
MS3252 Regression Analysis
MS4212 Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
MS4226 Risk Management Models

Department of Chinese and History

Course Code Course Title
GE1105 Chinese Music Appreciation
GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation
GE1125 Architecture and Space in Chinese Culture

Department of English

Course Code Course Title
EN2718 Literary and Cultural Studies
EN3329 Discourse and Pragmatics
GE2133 The Life and Times of the English Language
GE2401 English for Science
GE2402 English for Business Communication
GE2410 English for Engineering
GE2412 English for the Humanities and Social Sciences
GE2413 Word, Sound and Image: Writing for Creative Media

Department of Linguistics and Translation

Course Code Course Title
GE2122 The Cantonese Language in Use: Language, Grammar and Culture
GE2124 The World through Languages
LT2204 Language and Mind
LT2207 Introduction to Linguistics Research
LT2231 Introduction to Language Technology
LT2232 English Grammar and Communicative Functions
LT2306 Appreciating Written Texts
LT3211 Semantics
LT3212 Phonetics
LT3233 Computational Linguistics
LT3345 Discovering and Managing Terms
LT3346 Bilingual Editing Skills
LT3351 Literary Translation
LT4223 Experimental Phonetics
LT4321 Performance & Translation
LT4364 Specialized Translation for the Media
LT4377 Advanced Consecutive Interpretation (English – Chinese)
LT4380 Theory of Translation

Department of Public and International Affairs

Course Code Course Title
GE1209 Identity and Citizenship in a Globalized World
GE1218 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GE1220 Enhancing Your Service Leadership for the 21st Century
GE2134 Critical and Creative Thinking
GE2138 Introduction to Ethics and Public Policy
GE2214 The Hidden City: Space, Power and Social Processes in HK
GE2244 The Hidden City: Space, Power and Social Processes in Hong Kong
GE3208 Democracy at the Movies
GE3209 Managing New Global Challenges
PIA2105 Introduction to Political Science
PIA2107 Government and Law
PIA2400 Introduction to Ethics and Public Policy
PIA2402 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PIA2405 Introduction to Confucian Political Philosophy
PIA2958 Introduction to Korean Society
PIA3033 Culture and Change in Asia
PIA3111 Democracy and Democratization
PIA3126 International Political Economy
PIA3207 Health Care Policy and Ethics
PIA3307 Managing Financial Resources in Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PIA3309 Comparative Public Policy and Management
PIA3310 Smart Government and Sustainable Cities
POL3315 Ethics in Government
PIA3316 Managing Human Resources in Public and Private Sectors
PIA3608 Data Analytics and Visualisation for Public Affairs
PIA3900 Innovation and Governance
PIA4127 Poverty and the Politics of Aid
PIA4130 U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy
PIA4142 Global Public Health
PIA4151 Managing New Global Challenges
PIA4954 Housing Management and Practice

School of Creative Media

Course Code Course Title
GE1127 Money and Art: exchange and transaction as themes in art-works
GE1128 Music for Film
GE1129 Creative Photography
GE1130 Introduction to Digital Media
GE4102 Video Game: History, Industry, Society, and Creativity
GE4103 Technologies in Art, Science and Everyday Life
SM1201 Studio Photography
SM2231 3D Animation I – Basic
SM2253 Digital Photography
SM2276 Music Studio Production
SM2277 Life Drawing
SM2713 2D Animation I – Basic
SM2717 Abstract and Experimental Animation
SM3122 Computer Programming for Animators
SM3130 Sound Installation and Sound Spatialization
SM3722 Live Sound Production
SM3735 Alternative Process in Photography
SM3739 Documentary Photography
SM4128 Digital Lighting & Texturing
SM4143 Sonic Arts and the History of Sounds and Noises

Department of Mathematics

Course Code Course Title
MA1006 Calculus and Linear Algebra for Business
MA1200 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I
MA1201 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II
MA1301 Enhanced Calculus & Linear Algebra II
MA1501 Coordinate Geometry
MA1503 Linear Algebra with Applications
MA2001 Multi-variable Calculus and Linear Algebra
MA2181 Mathematical Methods for Engineering
MA2507 Computing Mathematics Lab
MA2510 Probability and Statistics
MA3511 Ordinary Differential Equations
MA3514 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MA3515 Introduction to Optimization
MA3517 Complex Analysis
MA3526 Analysis
MA4529 Mathematical Finance
MA4546 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MA4551 Introduction to Functional Analysis

Department of Computer Science

Course Code Course Title
CS1102 Introduction to Computer Studies
CS2204 Fundamentals of Internet Applications Development
CS2311 Computer Programming
CS2313 Global IT Case Studies
GE2324 The Art and Science of Data
GE2338 Internet Applications and Security

School of Data Science

Course Code Course Title
SDSC2002 Convex Optimization
SDSC2004 Data Visualization
SDSC2005 Introduction to Computational Social Science

Language Centre

Course Code Course Title
LC2956 Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers I
LC2996 Basic Cantonese for Non-Chi Speaker I


  1. Course list for inbound exchange students is subject to further changes without prior notice.
  2. Course approval will be considered on a case-by-case basis.