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What our students say


It was a real great experience here!

Aymane Tiendrebeogo from University of Ottawa, Canada (Year 2023, Semester B)

I have loved every single minute of Hong Kong and the time spent at CityU!

Pettersson Helbro Sofia from Jonkoping University , Sweden (Year 2023, Semester A)

My exchange experience in CityU was awesome. Despite having online classes during Covid-19 pandemic, professors were very supportive and efficient in teaching. CityU’s campus was located at town area, making it very accessible to shopping malls and places of attractions. While enjoying delicious dimsum and local café in Hong Kong, I missed all the hiking and island-hopping activities. I had a great time during my exchange here!

CHENG Junming from Singapore Management University, Singapore (Year 2022, Semester B)

I really enjoyed my exchange at the City University of Hong Kong. I had the opportunity to meet so many people and friends from all around the world. The classes I followed were very enriching since I had the opportunity to take classes about so many different topics. This was a big chance as most of these classes were not available in my home university and the Hong Kong perspective and way of teaching is very different from what I have seen before. Finally, I would say that thanks to this exchange, I had the chance to discover a whole new culture as well as the city of Hong Kong. I loved City U and Hong Kong so much and I would recommend this exchange to anyone, it couldn’t have been any better

Lena Abehsira from EMLYON Business School , France (Year 2022, Semester B)

Thank You for this memorable experience at the City Univerisity of Hong Kong. It was an unforgettable experience. I have learned a lot, met wonderful people and discovered a new culture.

Zudek Albert from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Year 2022, Semester B)

A massive thank you to CB for all of the help given to me throughout my time studying at City U. Whilst it was a real challenge at times, overall I had a really great experience and Hong Kong will always hold a special place in my heart.


William Gray from University of Bath, United Kingdom (Year 2022, Semester B)

Studying in Hong Kong has been the greatest experience of my life. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and global cities, a unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. I enjoyed my stay in the College of Business of CityU, where I could find another perspective in a wide variety of courses that the university offers and a high degree of internationalisation. During my exchange, I made very good friends and I have lived incredible moments and unforgettable experiences.

CAYUELA Lozano Julio from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain (Year 2022, Semester A)

I have really had the best time in Hong Kong and City U and am already looking forward to coming back and visit in the future!

FÄRNSTRAND Thea Catarina Margareta from Uppsala University, Sweden (Year 2022, Semester A)

Coming to Hong Kong despite the Covid-19 pandemic was not without stress but it was the best decision I made this year! The six months I had the chance to spend at City University gave me a lot of personal, intellectual, and cultural experience. I will always remember all the hikes, the boat parties, the camping days, the surf days, the dim sums and egg waffles, the rooftop parties and of course all the incredible friendships I made in these few months. My advice for the next foreign students is to be curious because Hong Kong is full of surprises!  

QUINTRIC Axelle from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France (Year 2021, Semester B)

My experience in Hong Kong is just like a fantasy to me which I've dreamt about for so many years. I've met dedicated professors who're always providing us the invaluable academic training. Having a lively neighbourhood around CityU also helps me relax myself whenever I feel tired from the busy school schedule.

And I would always recommend CityU as your destination if you'd like to enjoy the balance between literature and science just like me. I've taken the Creative Writing Class and AI:Past,Present and Future course at my time at CityU. These are the most amazing choices that I've made when selecting courses for the semester!

DU Wenke from Renmin University of China, China (Year 2021, Semester A)

The journey to Hong Kong was slightly unusual: After landing I went straight into hotel quarantine for two weeks. But it was absolutely worth it!

 After an online orientation week at CityU, I now have all my courses face-to-face at the university and through the group work, I can also get to know my fellow students very well. In addition, Hong Kong is a vibrant and diverse city that offers big city life and lots of nature: from skyscrapers to hiking trails, from shopping malls to temples, from crowded subways to idyllic islands, from long party nights to beautiful beaches, from coffee art to local dim sum. Hong Kong is simply amazing!

Leonie Luke from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany (Year 2021, Semester A)

I am deeply grateful that I was able to come to Hong Kong for my exchange despite the COVID pandemic. Being in Hong Kong with exchange students from all over the world has been an enriching experience for me and I will never forget it. Hong Kong is an excellent place for meeting open-minded people from all walks of life and from all over the world. The CityU staff was very helpful and supportive from the beginning of the process until the very end. Thank you CityU!

Hadia Arab from Maastricht University, Netherlands (Holland, Europe) (Year 2021, Semester A)

I had the best time of my life during this exchange, the campus is huge and Hong Kong is an incredible place to live, you will never get bored!

GODART Justine from Audencia Business School, France (Year 2021, Semester A)

I had a great exchange experience at CityU! Despite the on-going pandemic, almost all of my classes were offered in mixed mode so that I got a chance to attend them offline on campus. I am also very satisfied with the broad course offer of the College of Business and thoroughly enjoyed taking classes beyond those offered at my home university. Thanks to various activities such as the trips offered by the Exchange Student Club, training sessions through the “Sports for All“ program or Cantonese classes by Global Mixer I got in touch with local as well as international students from all over the world.

OTT Juliane from University of Mannheim , Germany (Year 2021, Semester A)

I am aware that it is the biggest cliché to say that going on an exchange will be the best time of your life. But trust me, it is not a cliché. My exchange semester at CityU was truly the best time of my life. It has been 4 months I cannot even describe and put it into the right words. In the past 4 months, there has never been a day without doing something. Every day we would go to the university, or to the beach, go for a hike, explore the city, get dinner, and not forget the amazing nightlife Hong Kong had to offer. All the nights in Wan Chai, SoHo, and LKF will never be forgotten. Overall, I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to study at CityU with people from all over the world and for all the experiences and memories it has given me. Memories that will stay forever. If you ever doubt, if you should go on exchange here,  just do it and totally go for it! And if you then also decide to do your exchange at CityU I promise and guarantee you, you will have the best time! 100%. 

DUPUITS Valerie Feline from VU U Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland, Europe) (Year 2021, Semester A)

I have had a wonderful exchange in Hong Kong! I loved the city and its culture and landscapes and many more things. It was a great experience where I got to know many other students from over the world. Thank you for everything!

Floris Lameris from Tilburg University, Netherlands (Holland, Europe) (Year 2021, Semester A)

CityU exceeded all my expectations. It turned out to be such a challenge to say goodbye. I'm amazed by all the support and kindness I had on my way during the semester. An outstanding preparation to host international students, exceptional infrastructure and fantastic professors. I'll never have enough words to express my gratitude for being part of the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong. Thank you, CityU Team, for transmitting the feeling of home. See you sooner than later.

FILADELFO FAULSTICH Lara from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria (Year 2021, Semester A)

What I particularly loved about CityU is the focus on internationality and the activities that were organized for us, like a ‘survival Cantonese’ online class or a city tour. I took classes from the College of Business and the Department of Economics and Finance and was very satisfied with the mode of teaching and the professors. I appreciated the willingness of the professors to discuss topics that went beyond the lecture topics and the time they took to answer further questions.

Spending time on campus was important to me and I appreciated the convenient location and the Chinese garden.

Ending this semester leaves me with memorable experiences, new impressions, and hopefully long-lasting connections.

Lea Wang from University of Mannheim, Germany (Year 2020, Semester A)

Despite the pandemic, City University of Hong Kong tried to make our stay as pleasant and enriching as possible. Well, they succeeded! It was really amazing how they helped us search for (quarantine) accommodations, or organized (online) student activities. It is just indescribable how CityU takes care of her students. Moreover, a lot of classes are hands on and very interacting. That means quite something in a semester of online teaching. In short, I can say that this exchange experience was a once-in-a-lifetime, thanks to CityU students and staff!


Timon Swillen from KU Leuven, Belgium (Year 2020, Semester A)

It was a pleasure studying in CityU. I’ve learnt so many things and got to know people from different nationalities. It was an unforgettable experience!

VAN DER VORST Alexandra from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Belgium (Year 2019, Semester B)

My semester abroad at CityU of Hong Kong has been such a great experience! Especially at the College of Business there are many exchange students to meet, with great staff who make it easy to get everything in order to study here. Hong Kong's culture is really interesting and there are some courses that can teach you a lot about it, and actively explore it. Even with the ongoing political situation, I would still choose CityU to study for a semester abroad; I could not have wished for a better time here!

Lucas Spronk from Radboud University, Netherlands (Holland, Europe) (Year 2019, Semester A)

Being in HK for a semester has been one of the best experiences of my life. The University campus is full of facilities, from a great swimming pool to relax and swim to music rooms that one can book, to study rooms for you and your mates to work on projects. The courses offered are very complete and interesting, moreover the teachers always make huge efforts to make lessons enjoyable and interactive. There are several canteens where one can find almost any kind of food that you like and at very affordable prices. Hong Kong is an amazing city, it has everything you can expect and even more, from the greatness of a big international and modern city to the traditional Cantonese culture. Being here as an exchange student gives you the opportunity to explore this spectacular city and discover all the secrets it hides. The food in HK is simply amazing, you can taste a wide range of flavours and ingredients, from street food to luxury restaurants. Shopping is also a great experience in HK, you can find all the products and items you might want. So do not think about it anymore! Come to CityU!!

Aleix Almirall Martorell from Universitat Ponpeu Fabra, Spain (Year 2019, Semester A)

It was great to have an insight into Chinese culture without having to speak the language.

Louise Walker from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (Year 2019, Semester A)

My exchange at the City University of Hong Kong was very rewarding. The classes were very interesting and Hong Kong is just an amazing city. There is always something new to explore.

Eline Delcour from Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium

Hong Kong completely exceeded my expectations! I had a great time exploring the country and an enjoyable semester at City University of Hong Kong.

It all started in summer 2010; I arrived in Hong Kong and was overwhelmed with the kindness of the Hong Kong residents and impressed by the skyline of Hong Kong.

In the very beginning the Associate Dean of CityU held a speech for the new exchange students where she told us to "work hard and play hard" which became my slogan for the semester in Hong Kong.

I worked hard in lectures and for my projects and exams. I was rewarded for all my effort as I attained a high semester grade. The differences in organization and in style of the lectures to Germany were a good experience for me. CityU is a more practical based learning, which gives students the opportunity gain an insight into some of the challenges they may face in their future job. Future students will benefit from CityU's professors experience and the state-of-the-art facilities which will make your semester at CityU an enjoyable experience.

Stefan Gregor from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany

CityU is a great place to be an exchange student. The class schedules are very flexible to accommodate travelling. The teachers are helpful, as well as the administration. All the students are extremely friendly and the school offers many activities, lectures and shows that are fun to attend. I would do it again!

Jill Innis from Oregon State University, United States of America

I cannot fully express how much I enjoyed my time at City University of Hong Kong, from the fantastic facilities and the convenient location to the amazing nightlife, adventure, and travel opportunities, the school and Hong Kong collectively have much more to offer than meets the eye. I may have only been here for four months, but the people I met and the memories I made will be cherished for a lifetime.

Trevor James from Queen's University, Canada

My semester at CityU will definitely be one of the most impactful and sustainable experiences of my undergraduate studies. I cannot imagine any other place where my cultural and academic knowledge could have been enhanced in such an intense and exciting way. Additionally, thanks to the support by CityU staff and the high class facilities at the campus I had a very pleasant lifestyle at affordable prices in "Asia’s world city". If you look for a place to broaden your international network, meet and cooperate with local people and get an idea of the Chinese culture while having a lot of fun, CityU is for you.

Marcel Olbert from University of Mannheim, Germany

It’s really a great experience for me to study in the City University of Hong Kong. The teaching model is so different from it in Mainland and the courses pay more attention on practicality and learning initiative. Not only I have developed my language skills but also became more active and innovative during my study. What’s more, I made a lot of friends from different cultures and expand my horizons.

Yiqun Qian from East China Normal University, China

City University allows students from 'Western' cultures to submerge themselves in the context of Asia without the inconveniences of being to foreign. The university has an informal feel that encourages participation in activities outside the classroom. It is also a great starting point to explore the rest of Asia.

Ernst Janse van Rensburg from University of Cape Town, South Africa

CityU provides incoming exchange students a nice atmosphere to live and study in Hong Kong. You definitely feel appreciated. I enjoying living in the residence and its very convenient location as you can easily go from the comparably tranquil campus life to the busy city life in one of the most amazing cities in the world. I can only recommend every student considering an exchange to get the Hong Kong experience!

Jonas Schleeberger from University Maastricht, Germany

My decision to study at City University of Hong Kong was the most incredible experience I have ever had. The first thing that really surprised me was how kind everyone was and how willing everyone at the University was with regards to helping incoming exchange students to settle in.

The classes acknowledge that various cultures and ways of working are present, and that is represented in the varied approaches to lectures and tutorials. Academically speaking, the module options available to me in Hong Kong were a big draw. The teaching was also done to a very high standard, with a big emphasis on group work. The flexibility offered at CityU allowed me to travel many parts of China and other Asian countries and explore some of the unique cultures that exist in that part of the world.

The single best thing about my time away was the people I met and how those friendships have continued, despite most of us being scattered across the world. I now consider most of my closest friends as those who I met whilst on exchange. There are a handful of cities in the world, which are truly amazing, and Hong Kong is on that list for me. A big part of that is down to the experience and opportunities I was able to capitalize on from City University’s offerings. It’s the best thing you can do if you want to do a Semester abroad.

Andrew Tupper from Cardiff University, United Kingdom

My exchange in the College of Business of City University of Hong Kong will probably be the most rewarding and enjoyable experience of my life. Having the opportunity to study in a well-equipped and modern school, while having access to many facilities and friendly and helpful staff is a very interesting opportunity. Besides the university, the city of Hong Kong is more than complete. This city is extremely interactive, beautiful and clean, with many different cultures and great food.

An exchange at City University of Hong Kong will definitively be an unforgettable experience that will teach you a lot about yourselves and others, just like it did with me.

Jonathan Vegiard from HEC Montreal, Canada

The year at City University, Hong Kong, was a great experience. At the beginning, it was a real culture shock but, after the first two months, I loved it. The lecturers were very professional and most of them had industry experience. The choice of modules was out of this world – they taught us a lot of soft skills, like business negotiation, which will be really useful. I also met some amazing people from other universities who will be friends for life.

I'd definitely recommend CityU – not only is it great for personal development, but it looks good on your CV. Thanks City U for making my 1 year experience an unforgettable one.

Amanda Xuereb from University of Kent, United Kingdom