BBA Global Business Systems Management (GBSM)

Business made Smart with Information Systems (IS)

Why BBA Global Business Systems Management? BBA Global Business Systems Management (GBSM) aims to nurture students to be smart business managers.

GBSM IS Smart Global  

The best way to experience the world is to go for it. Two semester-long exchange to recognized universities in US, Europe and/or Asia means our students will have a global mindset to business. Enjoy Flexible curriculum as you are free to choose courses during your exchange to tailor to your own interest and needs.

GBSM IS Smart Tech

Our students will have technology mind-sets as you will learn how modern information systems (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Services [ABC]) are transforming the business world today. You can participate in the one week Smart Business Study Tour to Stanford University and visit AAAF (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook) companies in Silicon Valley, USA, or join one month Smart Business Project Tour to have visits and work experience in FinTech and/or BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) companies in the region.  

GBSM IS Smart Business   

Our students will also have business mind-sets as you will be exposed to new information system business strategies and Internet business models. You will have knowledge and skills to analyze high growth technology companies and make wise investment decisions. You will also have good communication and project management skills so as to be qualified for management trainee jobs in multi-national companies.

GBSM IS a Smart Choice

Hosted by the largest Information Systems department in Hong Kong and one of the best in research productivity in the world [1], our students can have options to do undergraduate research with faculty members in the Department. The Department provides Smart Business Scholarship to support our undergraduate students for regional and international business competitions. Our students make business smart with information systems.

GBSM IS Future

Career Prospects Our graduates kick start their career as management trainees and business analysts in global banks, consulting, and technology firms (e.g., HSBC, BOC, PWC, Apple, Alibaba, Facebook, Google, IBM, etc.).

In 2018, 94% of our graduates found jobs immediately after graduation, another 6% of graduates went overseas for further studies. The highest and average monthly salaries of our graduates from BBA Global Business Systems Management were about 38K and 24K, respectively. Their average salary was 36% higher than that of average BBA graduates in the Business College.

[1] Research Ranking of the Association for Information Systems (


Programme Information

Programme Name BBA Global Business Systems Management
Admission Code JUPAS Direct Intake: JS1018
JUPAS Indirect Intake: JS1017
Non-JUPAS: 1171A
Mode of Funding Government-funded
Mode of Study Full-time
Tuition Fee Click here for more information
Admission Tutor Ms. Tania LAU
Major Leader Dr. Ron KWOK
PhD (Information Systems)
+852 3442-9599 |
Deputy Major Leader Ms. Tania LAU
+852 3442-8522 |

Suggested Study Plan

GBSM 2020 Suggested Study Plan (for JUPAS promotion purposes)

Cohort 2020 4-year(BDIS/BBAU4) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2019 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2018 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2017 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2016 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1

1. IS Department reserves the right to make adjustments to the course offering pattern whenever appropriate. Programme structure, course codes and course titles are subject to continuous review and changes without prior notice.

2. With effect from 1 July 2020, all existing language and culture-related courses with a prefix in AIS, CAH, EL and LT will be transferred to a prefix in LC. All LC courses are offered by the Chan Feng Men-ling Chan Shuk-lin Language Centre (LC) under the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).


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JS1017 Department of Information Systems
JS1018 BBA Global Business Systems Management
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