BBA Global Business Systems Management (GBSM)


BBA Global Business Systems Management (GBSM) aims to nuture smart business managers


Year 2 Double Exchange: GBSM students are required to complete two semester-long overseas exchange in recognized universities in American, European and Asia-Pacific regions


GBSM graduates are in high demand in new economic companies and the pillar financial and consulting companies in Hong Kong


Programme Information

Programme Name BBA Global Business Systems Management
Admission Code JUPAS Direct Intake: JS1018
JUPAS Indirect Intake: JS1017
Non-JUPAS: 1171A
Mode of Funding Government-funded
Mode of Study Full-time
Tuition Fee Click here for more information
Admission Tutor Ms. Tania LAU
Major Leader Dr. Ron KWOK
PhD (Information Systems)
+852 3442-9599 |
Deputy Major Leader Ms. Tania LAU
+852 3442-8522 |

Suggested Study Plan

Cohort 2019 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2018 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2017 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2016 4-year(BDIS) | 4-minus-1
Cohort 2015 4-year
Cohort 2014 4-year

* IS Department reserves the right to make adjustments to the course offering pattern whenever appropriate. Programme structure, course codes and course titles are subject to continuous review and changes without prior notice.


JUPAS 2020 . BBA @ CityU Information Systems

JS1017 Department of Information Systems
JS1018 BBA Global Business Systems Management
JS1019 BBA Information Management