Spring 2018
Turbulence and Trust
ON THE COVER - “Tulip in the Garden of Johann Heinrich Herwart” The first tulips in Europe were described by Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), a Swiss botanist and encyclopaedist who saw one in April 1559 in the garden of a German magistrate. In the background are his scribbled notes about the flower. Two years later in 1561, it was published as a wood block print in his De Hortis Germaniae Liber Recens, the first European illustration of the tulip. Photo courtesy of the University Library of Erlangen-Nuremberg 
From the Dean

Innovative technologies have often been the cause of turbulence on financial markets, and in this issue, we look at speculative bubbles, past and present, and how they have been....

Features Turbulence and trust: How trust was created out of financial turmoil

Financial turmoil has often been a seed bed for regulatory innovation, resulting in new ways of creating trust in the financial community. Eric Collins looks at how trust has been created historically, and at the pivotal role of central banking

People The trust machine

Dr Lawrence Ma and Gabriel Chan of Hong Kong Blockchain Society on why corporates are developing private blockchains, how Hong Kong is promoting the new blockchain sector, and the growing employment opportunities

Alumni The rise of innovation in China

Professor Haiyang Li, PhD alumnus, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at Rice University discusses how companies innovate in the US and China, the growth of China’s technology clusters, and the role of education in facilitating a culture of innovation