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Annual International Fair

CityU Exchanges Fair 2018

To promote internationalisation and culture integration in the campus, College of Business and its Exchange Student Club organised the Exchange Fair on 19 October, 2018. The event has been organised annually since 2006 and is one of the selected student-initiated projects supported by the University.

16 booths were set up by the inbound exchange students to showcase their homeland’s unique culture, with support from students returned from exchange. All CityU students were welcome to play traditional games or enjoy some special local snacks and drinks at the fair to taste the different culture of various places around the globe. Hundreds of guests and students attended the event.

Bob van der Louw, inbound exchange student from Netherlands who visited Asia for the first time said, “I am happy to introduce to my new friends in CityU the unique culture of my home country, and at the same time get a glimpse of various cultures in the fair.” He was amazed by the massive development in Hong Kong with skyscrapers all around the City.

Through the Student Exchange Programme, the College aims to create a multi-cultural and vibrant learning environment on campus. [more]

CityU Exchanges Fair 2016

The CityU Exchanges Fair kicked off on October 6, 2016. The College of Business wishes to enhance the Internationalisation within campus during the Fair.

15 booths were set up by the inbound exchange students to display native specialties from their home countries such as food, souvenirs, and trinkets. The students also made great efforts in decorating the booths, designing the games and introducing their countries to visitors.  The annual Best Booth Prize this year was awarded to the booths representing Japan, Germany, the United States. [more]

CityU Exchanges Fair 2015

CityU Exchanges Fair is a real "exchanges" fair. Inbound students brought their second-hand or used goods all the way from their home countries. They were all unique gifts and definitely could not be found in Hong Kong. Local students also brought their second-hand or used goods to exchange with inbound students. Outbound students could also met their buddies from their target university or country. It was a great chance to make new friends from around the world in the event.

City Expo 2013

The objective of the City Expo 2013 is to provide a platform for enhancing interaction between inbound students and local students by sharing culture of inbound students’ home countries, which would help potential applicants and selected students have a good planning on studying abroad. The theme of City Expo 2013 is Galaxy Journey which attracted a thousand of participants joining this memorable event.

World Navigation@City Expo 2011

This idea is coming from the ancient sailing period of the navigator, Cristoforo Colombo in late 14th Century, and the explorer, ZhengHe in early 14th Century.
Hong Kong was a fish village with the traditional symbol, Chinese Sailing boat.
By integrating these three elements, we would like to bring the visitors by taking the boat of CityU from Hong Kong to all places in the world.

City Expo 2010

To promote Internationalisation, an important factor to succeed in today's business world, and to raise the awareness of the Student Exchange Programme, an international event is held every year on campus. "City Expo 2010", the title of this year's event, was organized to spread these messages.

The World's Local Festival 2009

The goal of the exchange programme is to provide a network for local students in CB to broaden their horizon and expand their scope of life through interacting and sharing with the international students so that they can be benefited from the diversity in CityU.

International Information Day 2008

The theme of "Exchange Dreams Come True" is in support of CityU's drive towards Internationalisation. The event aims to provide a platform for interaction between incoming, outgoing and returned exchange students. Useful information will be provided in multiple forms, relating to all aspects of life and study overseas, such as, education and learning styles, history and culture, exploring and travelling.

Global Mall 2007

It aims to promote Internationalisation in CityU and to widen students' horizon. The venue is set up to be like a shopping mall by putting up a number of booths with incoming exchange students from 11 countries including Spain, France, Australia, Singapore, Austria, Norway, U.S.A, Netherlands, Sweden, China and Canada, showing their own cultures. They would cook their traditional food, talk about fashion, movies and sports in their countries. Participants could see different cultures at one time. 'Global money' is given to participants for them to buy things from different booths. In the event, we hope to create a relaxing atmosphere for local and incoming students to interact with each other and to promote inter-cultural exchange at CityU.

Global Voyage 2006

It aims to widen students' horizon and global outlook. Incoming exchange students are involved to deliver a warm welcome to exchange students who are from different nations all over the world. The cooperation between international exchange students and local students of the CityU illustrates the common goal to create collaborative relations between different nationalities.